Prelude To A Storm
Airdate: February 15, 2003

After a busy day of extreme sports, Shane, Dustin, and Tori run late for their classes.
The three teens reach a remote location in the woods, and sense danger.
A group of ninjas comes out of nowhere and attacks them.
The teens reveal their own ninja uniforms, and strike back.
A few failed ninja moves later, the teens are beaten.
Their Sensei appears, and berates them for their lack of commitment to the art.
They enter a portal in the waterfall and emerge at the Wind Ninja Academy.
The Sensei's son doesn't understand what he sees in those three. The Sensei senses danger approaching.
The next day, an alarm lets Dustin know it's time to head to class. Shane and Tori follow.
An evil force has descendedupon the school - Lothor and his evil minions.
He unleashes the Kelzacks on the ninja students.
The teens are running late again, thanks to stopping and helping an elderly couple with car troubles.
Lothor takes on the Sensei one on one.
Choobo unleashes energy spheres which capture the ninja students.
The teens arrive just in time to see the ninja academy sucked up into the sky.
As Lothor gloats over his victory, he learns that three students have remained. He sends his forces down.
They find Cameron trapped in the rubble. As Lothor's forces attack, they run for cover.
He takes them to a secret hi-tech underground dojo.
They find their Sensei, who has been permenantly transformed into a guinea pig in his battle with Lothor.
Sensei instructs Cam to give the students the Wind Morphers.
The three go outside to try out their new morphers on Lothor's army. Shane can't quite get the morphing call right, but Dustin does.
With the call of "Ninja Storm, Ranger Form", the three are transformed into Power Rangers.
Shane takes to the air and slashes away at the Kelzacks.
Tori walks on water and blasts some Kelzacks from a distance.
Dustin hits the ground and blasts some Kelzacks off their feet.
They use their power weapons against the monster, and combine them into the Storm Striker.
The monster is destroyed. The Rangers celebrate, and can't believe what just happened.
Back at the dojo, the Sensei tells the Rangers that their battle has only begun.
  • From out of the rubble, and right into the dojo, how did Cameron have a chance to find out what happened to his father?
  • Dustin beleived in the existence of Power Rangers, but the others had dismissed them as an urban legend.