Beauty And The Beach
Airdate: February 22, 2003

Tori gets pissed off at Shane for not introducing her to some dude at the beach who was asking about her.
The guys try to explain to Tori how she is more of a "guy-girl", but only make things worse.
To prove her girliness, she takes up an offer she gets to be in a photo shoot for Girl Sport magazine.
She gets to the location of the shoot, which turns out to be a trap set by Marah and Kapri.
They zap her with a camera which clones her and traps the original.
The evil Tori goes to Storm Chargers and demands to be taken to Ninja Ops.
The real Tori summons the rising waters to help her escape her prison.
She then stands in the way of the van on the way to Ninja Ops.
Lothor chews out the girls for botching up the plan, and has Zurgane send down a monster.
As the two Toris battle it out, Copybot appears, and takes on the guys.
Shane and Dustin morph and battle Copybot.
Tori defeats her double with a water blast.
She joins her teammates, who aren't sure it's her at first.
The three battle their way through a group of Kelzacks.
Tori does a flood attack on Copybot, submerging him in water.
They form the Storm Striker and destroy him.
Lothor revives Copybot and makes him grow into a giant.
The Rangers form the Megazord, but it's no match for Copybot's clones.
Cam has the Rangers engage the Megazord's Lightning mode. Lightning mode only lasts 60 seconds.
Its amazing speed and agility make short work of Copybot's clone.
The Megazord reverts back to normal, and finishes off Copybot with the Serpent Sword.
At the store, the guys push Tori to help a certain customer.
The customer is Dill, the guy from the beach who was asking about her.
Up in Lothor's ship, the Thunder Rangers prepare to strike.
  • Shane was revealed to be afraid of spider.
  • Dustin's real name was revealed to be Waldo.
  • Tori's last name was revealed to be Hanson.