Thunder Strangers, Part 1
Airdate: March 08, 2003

Cam finds the guys fooling around with the computer, and shortly after, the system crashes.
Cam asks Dustin for the backup plans of the Tsunami Cycles, but Dustin can't find his backpack.
Thanks to the Thunder Rangers, Lothor is now in possession of the Tsunami Cycle specs on CD.
Zurgane is yelled at and sent away, but he vows to prove himself.
The Rangers brainstorm to try and find where Dustin left his backpack. They're interrupted by Cam.
He sends them to the quarry when he finds trouble. The Rangers arrive, but can't find anything.
The Thunder Rangers strike, leaving the Rangers in awe.
Shane tries his flying manuever, but is sent crashing down.
The Thunder Rangers whip out the Thunder Staffs. They completely decimate the Rangers, and depart.
At Ninja Ops, the Rangers have a million questions for Sensei, but he has few answers.
Zurgane calls out the Rangers to prove himself to Lothor.
After a brief battle with the Rangers, Lothor transports Zurgane away.
But they aren't off the hook yet - the Thunder Rangers are back, with Tsunami Cycles.
They utterly destroy the Rangers with the cycles.
They show off even further by calling their Zords - Crimson Insectizord and Navy Beetlezord.
After a brief individual Zord battle, the Rangers form the Storm Megazord.
The Thunder Rangers match them with the Thunder Megazord.
The Thunder Megazord has the upper hand against the Storm Megazord.
They try the Serpent Sword, but it has absolutely no effect against the Thunder Megazord.
Cam sends the Rangers Power Sphere 4, but it is intercepted by the Thunder Megazord.
It uses the finisher and brings down the Storm Megazord.
The Rangers lay unconscious in the defeated Megazord.
Kelly spots Blake and Hunter leaving the scene of the battle. They bring her in, saying that the Rangers may need their help.
Up his space fortress, Lothor and his nieces revel in the destruction caused to his enemies by the Thunder Rangers.