Thunder Strangers, Part 2
Airdate: March 15, 2003

Blake, Hunter and Kelly find the Rangers staggering out from the wreckage.
They return to Ninja Ops and give Cam the morphers for repair. The Zords are repairing themselves.
Zurgane sends down Amphibidor, who drains water from the beach.
Tori happens to be there, and takes on the monster without her morpher.
Blake rides in on his dirtbike and helps Tori out.
He takes a hit meant for Tori and goes down hard.
She takes him to Ninja Ops, where Cam looks over him. Blake feigns unconsciousness to discover the entrance to Ninja Ops.
Later on, Hunter thanks the Rangers for helping out his bro, promising to return the favor some day.
Cam calls the Rangers and tells them that the frog monster has resurfaced at the quarry.
The Rangers head there, and get beaten up by the monster.
The Thunder Rangers show up. The Wind Rangers think they are they to fight them.
But instead they fight the monster and destroy it, repaying their debt.
Doesn't matter much, since he is resurrected and turned into a giant.
The Rangers destroy him with the Megazord and the Ram Hammer.
When they return to Ninja Ops, they find the Thunder Rangers bullying around Cam.
Before leaving with the Sensei, they reveal themselves to be Blake and Hunter.
  • Good line from Amphibidor - "It's not morphin time after all, is it?"
  • What is so important about destroying the Rangers in Ranger form? I'm pretty sure they could be killed in human form.
  • During the battle, the Megazord can be seen using the mace weapon in a few frames, but for some reason, it was mostly edited out. What's up with that?See below: