Snip It, Snip It Good
Airdate: September 20, 2003

Tori is sent on a quest to retrieve the Turtle Mace Power Sphere.
Dustin and Shane are attacked by Kelzacks as they watch over an environmental conference.
Snipster attacks the conference and uses his powers to make everyone fight each other.
When Shane and Dustin attack him, he uses his powers again to make the Rangers fight each other.
After finding the turtle, Tori is attacked by Marah and Kapri.
After being freed by Sensei's telepathy, Dustin and Shane destroy Snipster.
When Tori, Marah and Kapri fight to a standstill, Tori cuts a deal - the turtle for some designer duds.
Snipster is revived by Lothor and turned into a giant.
The Rangers defeat Snipster with the Megazord and their new weapon, the Turtle Mace.
Lothor punishes his nieces for giving up the turtle by having them wash the Kelzack's outfits.
  • This episode was delayed from airing in its original order because of objectionable content which had to be altered.