Return Of Thunder, Part 1
Airdate: April 12, 2003

When a famous motocross manager walks into the store, Dustin tries to show him his tape, but he is only interested in finding Blake and Hunter.
Reminded of Blake, Tori begs Dustin to let her borrow his bike so she can go take her mind off things.
Meanwhile, Blake and Hunter meet with Choobo, who has defected, and agrees to give the two access to Lothor's ship.
Blake catches up to Tori as she is biking, and lets her know that they have a way to get onto Lothor's ship.
The Wind Rangers discuss the Thunder Rangers' proposal, unsure whether to trust them or not.
The Thunder Rangers do infiltrate Lothor's ship, but it ends up being a trap, and they are caught.
The next step in Choobo's plan is to wipe their minds and make them hate the Wind Rangers again. Lothor is so impressed that he promotes Choobo to a general.
Back at Storm Chargers, Blake and Hunter speak with the motocross manager who was looking for them. When Dustin comes up to them, he is totally blown off.
As Dustin tells his friends about the Thunders' strange behavior, a new monster is spotted.
The Rangers morph and find the monster, Toxipod.
They are shocked when the Thunder Rangers arrive and attack them.
Their attack is stopped short when Blake's head begins to hurt.
The Wind Rangers focus on Toxipod, who can turn into a toxic cloud of gas. They lock arms and do a spin which blows the monster away.
Then they form the Storm Blaster and destroy the toxic snail.
A scroll of empowerment revives the monster into a giant.
The Megazord is trashed by his spinning attack.
It transforms into Lightning mode and counters with its own spinning attack.
Then they finish off the monster with the Serpent Sword.
But their troubles aren't over yet. The Thunder Rangers attack with the Thunder Megazord.
Choobo uses the remains of Toxipod to put a freeze on the Megazords and teleport the Rangers away.
Up on Lothor's ship, Marah gets ready to go on a date with their latest superstar general - Choobo.
Shane screams out to find someone after waking up alone on a deserted island.