Return Of Thunder, Part 4
Airdate: May 03, 2003

While practicing on their bikes, Blake and Hunter are attacked by Choobo.
He ensnares them and sucks them into his backpack.
In this strange dimension, the Thunder Rangers battle an all powerful Choobo.
The Wind Rangers track down Choobo.
They strike him in just the right place to free the Thunder Rangers.
Choobo mind controls the Wind Rangers and turns the Storm Striker on the Thunder Rangers.
They resist the control long enough to give Hunter a clear shot.
Choobo uses a scroll he stole from Lothor earlier to grow.
Cam sends the Rangers two Power Spheres, which combine into the Minizord.
The Minizord allows the two Megazords to combine into the Thunderstorm Megazord, which destroys Choobo.
On the space fortress, Marah plays with her new pet - a mini Choobo.
The Rangers celebrate as Blake and Hunter decide to join the team.