The Samurai's Journey, Part 1
Airdate: May 24, 2003

Tori consoles Cam as he sulks about not being a Ranger.
Madtropolis, a master illusionist, attacks the Rangers.
He ends up draining them of their Ranger powers and placing it in a container.
Witha temporary power boost from Cam, the Rangers track down Madtropolis and retrieve the container.
Shane must use his ninja senses to see through Madtropolis' illusions and defeat him.
Madtropolis is revived as a giant. The Rangers are unable to open the container holding their powers.
Low on power, the Rangers take the risk and have Cam send them the Megazords.
They can't take the strain, and end up falling out of the Zords, totally powerless.
Against Sensei's wishes, Cam uses the scroll of time to travel to the past to retrieve a power source.
In the past, he encounters a mysterious Wind Academy Ninja on a black horse at the waterfall.