The Samurai's Journey, Part 2
Airdate: May 31, 2003

In the past, Cam meets Kanoi - his father at a young age. He is taken into the academy as a new student.
Once inside the academy, Cam meets Kiya, and is shocked to discover that he is Kanoi's twin brother.
He meets another new student - Miko, who is wearing a curious green amulet.
Later in the day, Miko's amulet is stolen by a masked stranger.
Cam is set up, and takes the fall for stealing the amulet. The Sensei prepares to pass final judgement.
Kanoi shows up with the real culprit - his conniving brother Kiya, who has been practicing dark ninja magic.
When Kiya flips out, Cam fights him, and defeats him with the help of the green amulet.
Miko tells Cam that the green amulet has found its rightful owner, and urges him to keep it.
Sensei banishes Kiya into space, but not before Kiya announces his new name - Lothor.
Time has run out for Cam, and the scroll of time creates a portal to take him back to the future.
In present day, Madtropolis is about the crush the powerless Rangers.
The Green Samurai Ranger flies in on the Samurai Star and attacks.
He transforms the Samurai Star into a Megazord and defeats Madtropolis.
The Green Samurai Ranger powers down and reveals himself to be Cam.