I Love Lothor
Airdate: June 21, 2003

Lothor hires Mr. Ratwell to help him create a television show which will brainwash the population.
During a cooking class, Cam and Blake drink a smoothie spiked by Marah and Kapri, causing them to fight over Tori.
When Tori stumbles onto the set of Lothor's new show, she is captured.
Lothor begins airing his show, which brainwashes people into loving him.
Cam and Blake take their feud to the beach, where they battle for Tori.
Mr. Ratwell shows up and starts shooting at them.
The two morph, and continue fighting each other. After escaping, Tori appears and tries to stop them.
When Mr. Ratwell fires at Tori, Blake goes all out and destroys Ratwell.
Mr. Ratwell retaliates by turning into a giant sized rat.
Cam and the Thunder Rangers destroy Ratwell with the Samurai Thunder Megazord.
  • Where was Cyber Cam?
  • Britney mentioned on Power Rangers - my life is now complete.