Shane's Karma, Part 1
Airdate: August 09, 2003

Shane bails on Tori's beach birthday party because he gets a feeling that his bad dreams mean something.
His strange dreams turn into reality when he finds a strange alien being in the woods.
A bounty hunter named Vexacus shows up in search of the alien, which is a Karminion.
Shane battles Vexacus but is severely outclassed. He is teleported away by the Karminion.
In another part of the woods, Shane is greeted by the Karminion's human form, named Skyla.
Tori's beach party runs into Kapri and Marah's class reunion setup.
Zurgane brings out his new Zord, and gets the best of the Rangers using his own lightning mode.
Meanwhile, Vexacus catches up to Shane and Skyla, and manages to grab her and take her away.