Shane's Karma, Part 2
Airdate: August 09, 2003

Shane follows Vexacus and is able to ward him off and rescue Skyla.
Lothor comes down to Earth and forges an alliance with his old rival.
The Rangers battle Chhobo and some Kelzacks, who have stolen their beach party stuff.
Skyla tells Shane that it is her destiny to pass away and leave Shane with her powers, which she does.
Vexacus still desires Skyla's power, and attacks Shane, who is still anguished over Skyla's death.
Meanwhile, Zurgane's zord strikes again, stealing a power sphere from the Storm Megazord.
Shane uses the power left with him by Skyla to summon his Battlizer Armor. He throughly trounces Vexacus.
The Rangers defeat Zurgane's zord by forming the Samurai Storm Megazord.
When Vexacus tries to flee in his ship, Shane kicks it into flight mode. He flies after him and destroys his ship.
Vexacus appears on Lothor's fortress, as a new general in his army.