Eye Of The Storm
Airdate: September 27, 2003

Shane is on edge when his brother Porter comes to town and tells him that he's wasting his life.
Motodrone appears with a new monster - Eyesac, who can use victims' fears against them.
Shane uses his armor to make Eyesac retreat, but in the process, reveals his identity to his brother.
When Eyesac attacks again, he puts the fear spell on Tori, Dustin and Shane, incapacitating them.
He then grows into a giant and inhales the Thunder Rangers.
A telepathic pep talkfrom the Sensei, and Shane is back to action in the Storm Megazord.
While Tori and Dustin enter Eyesac and free Blake and Hunter.
Cam arrives with three new Power Spheres that form the Ninja Firebird.
The Firebird allows for the formation of the Hurricane Megazord, which destroys Eyesac.
Shane and Porter maketheir peace. Porter tells his brother that he is proud of him, Ranger or not.
  • Porter was played by Pua's real life brother and famous New Zealand actor Robbie Magasiva.