A Gem Of A Day
Airdate: October 18, 2003

Hunter is attacked by Vexacus and crew when they discover he has some fragments of the gem of souls.
The others come to his aid, and successfully make Vexacus retreat.
At Ninja Ops, Hunter is chewed out for having kept the gem fragments, which he did to try to speak to his parents.
Armed with gem tipped drill bits, Cam takes the Dragonforce vehicle up to Lothor's ship to free the students.
To divert the Rangers' resources, Lothor sends down a bird monster.
Cam finds the students on the ship, but he is forced to retreat when Lothor finds him and pwns him.
Cam makes it back to Earth in time to help the Rangers destroy the bird monster.
Vexacus and Motodrone have an altercation on the ship, which ends with Motodrone being destroyed.