Down And Dirty
Airdate: October 18, 2003

Hunter and Blake's disagreement on the track sparks an unnecessary subplot.
Marah and Kapri recruit Shimazu to pilot one of their new Zords.
Kapri attacks in her Zord first, and battles the Megazords.
Marah and Shimazu then join Kapri and overwhelm the Rangers.
Cam evens up the odds by bringing the Samurai Star and two drones.
This lets the Rangers form both combinations.
When Kapri's is the only Zord left, Tori tends to her personally.
The defeated sisters take out their aggression by destroying Shimazu.
Dustin breaks it to Kelly that is leaving moto racing for freestyle. As if anyone really cares.
The Thunder brothers resolve their differences on the track. Again, as if anyone cares.