Beneath The Surface
Airdate: April 03, 2004

Trent asks his father about the invisiportal he found in his office. Mercer dismisses his son's discovery.
Tommy and Principal Randall take the students on a dig. Both are actually looking for a new dino egg.
When the egg is found, Tyrannodrones attack.
As the Rangers take a decoy home with them, Randall grabs the real one and reveals herself as Elsa.
Still reading the dino egg at the site, Tommy goes back, and encounters Zeltrax.
Elsa hatches the Dimetro Zord, and it battles the Rangers' Zords.
Mesogog sends a monster to help the Dimetro Zord, and the Rangers form the Megazord.
Tommy tames the Dimetro Zord, and it helps the Rangers defeat the monster by attaching on as a new arm.
Mesogog tells Elsa to stay close to Tommy, in spite of her protests.
Back at the school, Randall seems somewhat touched that Tommy was actually worried about her.