Airdate: February 26, 2005

Sydney is looking for her stuffed elephant - Peanuts.
She finds out RIC has him and has slobbered all over him.
Mora tells Gruumm his plan on the condition that Broodwing has tea with her.
Piggy sells a special potion to Rhynx.
The potion turns people into slime.
RIC continues to be a pain around the Delta Base.
Sydney goes to find out what she can about the disappearence of various people, and is upset to find RIC has tagged along.
Meanwhile, Rhynx unleases his chemical on unsuspecting citizens.
The Power Rangers show up to put a stop to his attack.
Syd is on the trail of Rhynx's plan when she is attacked by Krybots.
RIC comes to her rescue, but is badly damaged in the process.
Sydney saves RIC from the scrap heap.
She has Bridge and Boom repair and upgrade RIC to meet S.P.D. standards.
Gruumm recruits Rhynx after hearing his plan of action.
Bridge and Boom present RIC 2.0, which is now hot on the trail of the people who were transformed into slime.
Sydney digs desperately at the site that RIC has detected.
She falls into a hole, where she finds the people transformed into slime.
She is then attacked by Rhynx, and forced into battle.
Sydney is overpowered, when RIC comes to her rescue.
The other Rangers show up and they transform RIC into the Canine Cannon.
The Pink Ranger judges Rhynx with the Judgement Scanner and he is found guilty.
The Power Rangers use the Canine Cannon to bring down their target.
The people are returned to normal.
Rhynx is put into containment.
Syd thanks RIC for helping her.
Commander Cruger congratulates RIC on his contribution to the S.P.D. team.
  • RIC stands for Robotic Interactive Canine.
  • From the beginning, RIC has been broken and made random animal noises. RIC 2.0 is fixed and functions like a real dog.
  • Gruumm reveals that he gave Mora her special powers.