Sam, Part 2
Airdate: March 19, 2005

The other Rangers show up to help Jack and Z.
Sam teleports Jack, Z, and the Orangehead away.
On a cliffside, Jack and Z are forced to battle against the Orangehead.
Overpowered, Jack and Z are forced to retreat on the Patrol Cycle.
Mora is sick playing already, and wants Sam to help her in a plan to turn Z into her own S.P.D. doll.
Meanwhile, Z tells the other Rangers about her past.
When she was 12, Z was made fun of by the kids for her powers just like Sam.
She replicated to get away one day, but ran into an alien.
That's when a mysterious figure appears in the Shadows and scares the predator away with a laser.
Doggie informs him that he was the one in the shadows.
He also explains that their parents all worked for S.P.D. and while designing the Delta Morpher technology caused them to have special powers.
Z finds out Sam was the last decendent of the workers and goes to find him.
They are interupted by Bugglesworth and Cindy Sunshine.
Bugglesworth catches Z off guard and turns her into a doll.
Z explains to Sam that it was just a double.
Sam teleports away Bugglesworth's staff and smashes it.
The Orangehead Krybot returns to launch another attack.
The other Rangers show up and they morph together.
The Power Rangers use the Canine Cannon to duel against the Orangehead. Krybot
The Rangers and Orangehead struggle for victory.
The Power Rangers are victorious and the Orangehead is destroyed.
The Delta Squad Megazord is assembled to deal with Bugglesworth and his giant robot.
Z calls judgement time on Bugglesworth and he is found guilty.
Bugglesworth's robot is destroyed and he is confined for containment.
With Bugglesworth contained, the people are returned to normal.
The other Rangers welcome Sam into the S.P.D. Academy. He explained he didn't want to hang out with them because he considered them to be too old.
  • Doggie Cruger has what appears to be a Spiral Saber in Z's flashback, and she has a neckalace that resembles the Z on the top of Lord Zedd's staff.
  • The S.P.D. flashback was said to take place in 2001, which could have been right after Time Force ended, and would've been the perfect oppurtunity for Wes to be involved in the experiment if Bio Labs were involved.
  • Why did all the dolls on the Terror Spacecraft disappear from Mora's collection, when they returned to normal, while the ones in the Delta Base remained where they were?