History - Power Rangers S.P.D.

Airdate: October 11, 2005

Broodwing meets with Professor Cerebros in a plan to bring Power Rangers from the past.
Broodwing has secured three of the Dino Gems from the planet Onyx.
2005 - At Reefside High's one year reunion, Conner, Ethan, and Kira meet up and fill each other in on what they've been up to.
The former Rangers find themselves in the future where Broodwing demands that they help him destroy the planet.
The trio grab their Dino Gems and run, but they are soon cornered by Krybots.
Ethan is surprised to find that Krybots are robots. Not quite Tyrannodrones.
Broodwing confronts them again, demanding that they help him or else.
The B-Squad shows up to protect these civilians from Broodwing's attack.
The B-Squad introduce themselves as the Powers, but the trio reveal that they're the Power Rangers.
The Dino Rangers given a grand tour of the Delta Base and are introduced to Doggie and Kat.
The Dino Rangers are determined help against Broodwing, but the S.P.D. Rangers insist that it's too risky.
The B-Squad Rangers are sent to handle Dragoul, which Broodwing has sent to lure them out.
Though the Rangers send Dragoul on the run, they soon find themselves surrounded by an army of Krybots.
The Dino Rangers insist on helping, but Cruger says if anything should happen to them, this future might not exist.
The Omega Ranger is sent to deal with a giant robot in the city. He activates the Omegamax Megazord.
Meanwhile, Cruger shows up as Shadow Ranger to help the other Rangers.
Emperor Gruumm and Morgana have joined the party as well.
Despite Cruger's warning, the Dino Rangers show up anyway to help their future comrads in battle.
All nine Power Rangers morph into action. "Dino Thunder, Power Up!" - "S.P.D. Emergency!"
Ethan teams up with Sky and Bridge against Krybots. Green and Blue Rangers unite.
Kira teamups up with Z and Syd to display girl power against Morgana - Pink and Yellow Rangers style.
The two Red Rangers - Jack and Conner lead an ambush backed by the S.W.A.T. Command Truck.
Cruger sends the B-Squad to help Omega Ranger. The Deltamax Megazord is formed to finish the job.
Meanwhile, the Dino Rangers assemble the Z-Rex Blaster and send Gruumm running.
All ten of the Power Rangers come together to celebrate their victory over Gruumm.
Conner, Ethan, and Kira want to stay and help out, but the S.P.D. Rangers convince them that they will go on to lead exciting and significent lives.
  • Conner is trying to start a soccer program for kids, Ethan is attending classes at Reefside Tech, and Kira moved to New York to try and become a singing sensation. Kira's career intentionally mirrors Emma Lahana's career. At the end, the Rangers discover that Conner has formed soccer camps all over the country, Ethan has designed software for even S.P.D., and Kira has finally become a singing sensation that inspires Syd to follow in her footsteps.
  • After losing their powers, somehow the Dino Gems ended up on Onyx where Broodwing found them. This is a reference to the planet of trade found in Power Rangers in Space and Lost Galaxy. It makes sense that they would've ended up there. They also sell magic potions there, so it's not hard to believe that the Gems were recharged somehow.
  • In this episode, Kat mentions the Morphing Grid which detects other Power Rangers and they actually make a reference to A-Squad.
  • Unfortunately, Tommy and Trent were both absent from this episode.
  • What was with all of the time wasted on the S.P.D. Rangers fighting by themselves? On top of that, the past teams are usually the ones to lead the teamup. What was with Cruger's "That's an order!"? It's not like he had any authority over them. The S.P.D. Rangers' disrespect for the Dino Rangers was kind of insulting.