Airdate: October 17, 2005

Sky comes face to face with a former rival of Commander Cruger's.
He proves himself to be too strong for the Blue Ranger to handle.
Sky is somehow injured in the fight and his S.P.D. badge was taken. Cruger insists that no one is safe.
Bridge and Syd also come face to face with the rival, but not even S.W.A.T. Mode seems to be enough to stop him.
He takes and adds Bridge and Syd's badges to his collection as well.
It seems that Icthior is working with Broodwing.
Piggy informs his emperor that Broodwing is planning without him again, but Gruumm doesn't seem to worried.
Doggie becomes increasingly worried now that three Rangers are in critical condition.
Doggie is able to identify the attacker as Icthior his rival at the S.P.D. Academy.
At the academy on Sirius, Icthior was ruthless and was therefore expelled from the academy.
The Omega Ranger turns out to be Icthior's next victim.
Cruger comes as Shadow Ranger to put an end to this once and for all.
Broodwing watches as Icthior catches Doggie off guard and takes his badge as well.
Meanwhile on the Terror, Morgana is confronted by Gruumm for snooping around a room that he told her never to enter.
Despite Cruger's order to stay put, Jack and Z prepare to confront Icthior.
Morgana takes a mission from Gruumm to steal Hemotech Synthetic Plasma with the promise of being rewarded with whatever she wishes.
Jack and Z confront Broodwing and Icthior and soon find themselves vastly outnumbered.
Ignoring Dr. Felix's orders, Cruger rallies the other Rangers to go join the battle.
All seven S.P.D. Rangers join together as a team to confront the enemy.
Broowing rallies his Krybot forces against the Rangers.
As the Shadow Ranger declares justice on Icthior, he reveals to Doggie that his wife Isinia is still alive.
Unsure what to believe, Doggie brings Icthior to justice and contains him.
Broodwing calls for backup in a giant robot of his own, and the Rangers form the Delta Command Megazord to defeat it. Although he escapes.
Morgana gets her reward and is excited as she is turned back into Mora.
Excited to be given her childhood again, Mora's curiousity overwhelms her when she finds herself near the forbidden room.
Mora enters the forbidden room and appears horrified by what she sees.
  • Somehow the Rangers are easily hospitalized by a few blows from Icthior, yet have been up against bigger blows before and have gone unphased. S.W.A.T. Mode doesn't seem to do any good either. Although experiencing major injuries, all the Rangers walk out of the hospital like it's nothing.
  • Icthior's existence in the S.P.D. Academy on Sirius indicates that it is open to more than just Sirians. Also, Icthior handles an Ocean Saber which resembles Cruger's Shadow Saber.
  • After an extended period, Morgana regains her youth as Mora - a crucial piece to Wormhole's placing. Due to very connected events, the executive producer suggests that it takes place in the middle of an episodes, but which one? It can't take place between Mora changing back and the end, because Mora expresses her newfound joy of becoming young again.
  • Whatever you do if you're Jack or Z and you're up against the guy who hospitalized most of your team, Broodwing, and one of the biggest Krybot armies ever, DON'T MORPH!