Code Busters
Airdate: February 27, 2006

Clare runs away from a giant earthworm, while she is rescued by a strange creature.
The undead warriors discuss their plans. Koragg is convinced that the Rangers are no threat to them.
They prepare to unleash Mucor on the surface world above.
Meanwhile, the Power Rangers test out their new Mystic Racers.
The Rangers inquire about all of the cool accessories that come with being a Power Ranger. Udonna says they'll appear by performing heroic deeds.
Although Udonna informs them that the Xenotome will reveal new spells when the time is right, Vida and Chip don't want to wait that long.
Back at Rootcore, Clare informs Udonna of her situation earlier of being attacked. She seems concerned.
Meanwhile, Xander, Nick, and Madison practice elementary incantations.
Chip and Vida however, have their own agenda. They rent themselves out to do heroic deeds so that they can earn more spells from Xenotome.
Chip is assigned to raking someone's yard, but once he gets all the leaves raked, the wind blows them everywhere.
Vida has to wash someone's dog, but the dog shakes and splashes water all over her, making her smell like wet dog.
Meanwhile the other Rangers are walking through the city when they wonder why Chip and Vida never showed.
But they have some problems of their own. That's when Necrolai shows up to confront them. Xander tries to reason her, but as usual gets failed results.
The Rangers morph into action against Necrolai. She puts up quite a fight. She grabs them and flies them away.
Necrolai feeds the Rangers to Mucor as a snack.
Chip and Vida return to find no new spell codes and both agree that they feel cheated.
Udonna informs them that true heroic deeds come in the face of real danger. Just then, she alerts them to the present danger of Mucor.
Vida and Chip fly in on their Mystic Racers scared, but determined to help their friends and succeed in freeing them.
Their heroic deeds prompts the Xenotome to reveal a new spell.
"Galwit Mysto Prifior!" The spell causes the Rangers to transform into the legendary Mystic Titans.
The Mystic Phoenix uses his fire kick to engulf the Mystic Sprite in flames - destroying Mucor with a giant ball of fire.
Later as Nick searched for the thing that attacked Clare, the other Rangers soon learn that he's in danger.
The Hydraworm surfaces and begins to attack. The other Rangers come to Nick's rescue, which allows a new to be revealed.
Four of the Mystic Titans transforms into the Dragon Formation. The Mystic Phoenix rides it into battle and defeats the Hydraworm.
Nick later meets Phineus - a troblin who saved Clare earlier. Phineus reveals that they have yet to meet the dark Master of the Underworld.
Meanwhile, the Undead bow down as the Master of the Underworld reveals himself to them through the pit in the center of the room.
  • That was a nice reference by Chip and Vida of the Power Rangers known arsenal by having them ask when they're going to get all the cool stuff.
  • The Heroes 4 Hire stuff was classic. It was funny to see Chip and Vida actually try to take the easy way out.
  • Morticon reveals that the Hydraworm dug the enormous pit that the Undead reside in.