Rock Solid
Airdate: March 06, 2006

The Clawbster attacks a man leaving work and turns him into stone.
Madison films Chip marking down prices as the infamous Count Discount, defender of the bargain bin.
Madison then corners Nick in Toby's office and he accuses her of always hiding behind her camera.
Leelee confirms to her that she's too shy and is nothing but the timid little shoe gazer.
Leelee expresses her concern to Toby because of the recent reports of people being turned into stone. In fact a lot of weird stuff has been happening since the Power Rangers showed up.
In the depths of the Underworld, Necrolai brags about Clawbster turning another victim into stone. Koragg insists that her plan is minor and plans to take matters into his own hands.
At Rootcore, Udonna helps Clare out of another magical mishap as she has turned herself into a fish.
Meanwhile, Madison is feeling discouraged and tries to get up the courage to talk to a guy in the park.
The other Rangers are summoned Necrolai's rock garden of people who have been turned to stone.
Necrolai and Clawbster show up to give the Rangers trouble, but take off when they're down for the count.
Madison meets Ben when Necrolai shows up. Protecting Ben, Maddie gets turned to stone by Clawbster.
The Power Rangers show too late and Vida vows that they will pay for turning Maddie to stone.
The Rangers bring Maddie back to Rootcore, but Udonna's magic is unable to break the monster's spell.
Nick feels guilty for calling Maddie shy, but Vida shows him that Madison expresses herself through her films.
Feeling inspired, Nick allows another spell code to be revealed just in time for the latest threat.
The Rangers race off on the Mystic Racers, but on the way are intercepted by Koragg and his army of Styxoids.
The Red Ranger keeps them busy with his new spell code, which transforms his Mystic Racer into the Mystic Speeder.
The Red Ranger takes down Koragg by driving his bike right into the Knight Wolf's shield.
Meanwhile, the other Rangers take on Necrolai and her minion.
The Red Ranger shows up just in time to reflect Clawbster's magic back at him, turning him into stone.
After Clawbster is destroyed, Madison and all the others are free. Nick appoligizes for calling her shy.
A new spell code is revealed, which allows the Mystic Titans to combine to create the Titan Megazord.
The Rangers magically appear inside a chessboard which represents the battle on a mental level.
The Titan Megazord extends its wings and takes off into battle against the revived Clawbster.
The Titan Megazord uses the magical Titan Saber to destroy the Clawbster permanently.
Later at Rock Porium, Ben surprises Maddie and tells her that he was going to ask her out before, but was too shy.
  • This episode is references the Power Rangers in the public eye. Leelee suggests that a lot of weird things have been happening since they've showed up in Briarwood. I wonder if she might try and turn people against the Rangers.
  • The Count Discount scene was priceless. No pun intended.
  • The Titan Megazord cockpit is a chessboard? I think we knew a checkmate pun was coming.