Whispering Voices
Airdate: March 13, 2006

In a fierce battle with the Red Ranger, Koragg the Knight Wolf is finally defeated.
Koragg views this in the pool of possible futures. Necrolai suggests using the Snow Staff to get inside the Red Ranger's head.
On his way into the Rock Porium, Nick is confronted by Chip the crocadile hunter.
He then bumps into Xander who's making the bank drop for Toby. Nick comments on how he could sure use $1000.
Vida and Madison want to show Nick a new song when he starts to hear Koragg's voice. He thinks they're playing a joke on him.
Nick is loading boxes when Leelee wants to show off her new leather jacket. Much to her dismay, he doesn't have time for her.
In an attempt to get Nick fired, Leelee lures Xander out of the store and hides the money. She hints that hopefully the thief is caught in the "Nick of time".
Meanwhile, Nick begins to hear Koragg's voice again, while Phineas tries to tell him about his awful day.
Nick has a flash of a stranger in a black robe carrying a baby wrapped in a red blanket.
Morticon goes nuts and demands Koragg to find a way to get him out of the pit he's stuck in.
The other Rangers start to suspect that Nick stole the money and Xander feels guilty about lying to Toby.
The Rangers confront Nick about the money and he immediately gets defensive and leaves.
Koragg leads Nick to the beach, where he continues to convince him that no one trusts him.
Koragg and the Red Ranger battle it out with their swords.
After screwing up another spell which makes her bald, Clare alerts Udonna that Nick is in trouble.
The Rangers try to tell Toby, but he tells them that he found the money. Toby questions what made them think that Nick took the money.
Just then, they eye Leelee who opens a can of pop which sprays all over her new leather jacket.
The other Rangers rush to help Nick and appoligize for jumping to conclusions.
Koragg brings things up a level and combines with Catastros to form the Centaur. The Rangers use Dragon Formation.
Koragg combines with Catastros to form the Centaurus Wolf Megazord.
The Centaurus Megazord steals the Titans' combining power.
He uses the power to unleash Morticon from the Underworld.
Although powerful, the Mystic Phoenix somehow manages to counter the spell and return Morticon to the Underworld.
The counter spell sends the Megazord power back to Koragg, who decides to keep it for himself. Necrolai curiously watches from nearby.
The other Rangers appoligize to Nick for not trusting them, and Nick admits he should've came to them when he began hearing Koragg's voice.
As the other Rangers go into the store to work, Nick says "No more secrets." as he pulls out the blanket that the baby was wrapped in during his flashback.
  • Do I sense that Udonna is Nick's mother?
  • Why did Leelee hide the money behind the register? She could've caused much more damage had she actually taken it.
  • After one episode, the Megazord's already gone.