Kick into Overdrive, Part 2 - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Kick into Overdrive, Part 2
Airdate: February 26, 2007

The Rangers have powered down and are ordered to save the city. When the rangers query about the crown, Andrew says it is a fake. The others go to the source while Mac wants to join Will to help the people.
Andrew lets Mac go but still objects to it. Spencer reassures him that he'll be fine. The lava is quickly taking over the city. Mac rips the door off a car to help a mother and child avoid the lava.
Meanwhile, the others track down the source. Ronnie uses her rapid powers to rip through the rocks with her Driver Claw.
Mac comes up with the idea of having Will break through the street with his Driver Slammer to let all the lava flow into it. The city cheers.
Everyone applauds Mac's skills except for his father who sequesters his Overdrive Tracker.
Andrew places the Overdrive Tracker with the real crown in a safe. Unfortunately, Moltor kidnaps him and the crown.
Rose fiddles around with the controls and find that they have huge zords based on vehicles which gives Ronny fanboy-itis.
Mac sulks outside and Spencer reassures him that his father truly loves him and wants the best for him.
Moltor takes Andrew to a secluded location where he meets Flurious. Flurious entrusts his brother in using Andrew to locate the missing jewels.
Mac moans about the tracker being taken from him and Spencer gives Will the idea to break into the safe. He does so by using a device to get Andrew's fingerprint to open the safe.
Mac finds that his father has been kidnap- ped, Rose finds the location-- a far off island and they take the SHARC, which is a fast jet that Ronny is more than happy to pilot.
The Rangers arrive at the island and fight Lava Lizards. Mac is about to be done in when Ronny saves him. Mac continues fighting while Dax goes to save Andrew.
Inside the island's volcano, Moltor threatens Andrew into helping him or he will drop him into the lava.
Dax comes in and swings by and saves Andrew. Mac is happy to see his father but he unfortuantely is not.
Mac fights Moltor and then run off. Moltor threatens to unleash a beast. A large half-dragon, half-machine creature.
The rangers get back to the base and find out about the threat. The rangers are instructed to get their controls for the zords.
But Andrew once again restricts Mac. With the Ranger's uruging, he lets Mac go. They use the zords against the beast and the Rangers form the DriveMax Megazord.
And seemingly destroy the monster but Moltor ressurects it with a switch on his sword.
It is about to self-destruct so the Rangers kicks it away, causing it to blow up. Flurious calls out Moltor on the fact that he didn't get the info they needed.
Moltor tells him he didn't expect the rangers to be so much trouble. Flurious asks Moltor for the crown but he refuses. They fight and then agree to be at odds.
Mac regretably hands over his tracker. Andrew asks Mac if he's sure he wants to do this. Mac says of course and Andrew gives him the tracker back. Mac finally gets the enchancement and his own jacket.
Mac's ability is superstrength and he lifts Spencer up in the air. Andrew tells him to lower him. Andrew tells the gang they have their mission cut out for them. To get the crown back and find the jewels before evil does.
  • If Mac gets the super strength after he saved the day, how did he rip the car door off to save the mother and son?
  • Lava sinking into a giant hole, who is going to repair that? The taxpayers? Or the super rich millionare with the disposable Bruce Wayne-y income?
  • How could Mac have not known that a giant underground base was built under his house? Was he sent away for a month?