The Underwater World - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

The Underwater World
Airdate: March 05, 2007

Five are sent to retrieve a sacred book and Will had rather go alone. After Dax performs a trick, Will hears a cry for help and helps a falling man. At Norg's invaded home, Flurious berates poor Norg. Back at the mansion, Will is upset that Andrew sent them to get a book he already has.
He reveals to them that he found Atlantis, where there is a jewel signature. Andrew stresses to the gang to stick to the flight plan. The man who Will saved arrive and it was Spencer under disguise.
Will takes off the autopilot of S.H.A.R.C. against Ronnie's urging. Norg suggests finding the Rangers to Flurious and they notice they are nearby. Flurious makes a storm that cause the plane to shake and Ronnie crash lands them. Flurious is contacted by Moltor and he lies to him.
Will asks Spencer to send the zords. Rose, Ronnie, and Will arrive to Atlantis in the Sub Driver. Mack tells Will and Ronnie to go inside and they use yellow floater devices. Bats attack them inside and they trip inside the temple.
Ronnie sets off a trap and Will takes care of it. They solve a puzzle and the hands come out to grab them as the water comes rushing in. The ruin starts rising up as Dax pulls Rose out. Mac runs in with his zord and fishes the two out.
They are dumped in a pile of dirt, Will boasts that he improvises. Ronny and Will run in first into the temple, everyone follows. Will turns the key and they enter the secret room. They run to an artifact and Will slips. As Ronnie helps him, the others runs and the bridge is collapsing.
The five run and the bridge collapses behind them. Dax tries touching the artifact and Mack smacks it, creating a chain-reaction revealing one in the center. Ronnie is falling and Will uses his zip line to retrieve the cacoon.
They get to the other side and leave. Mack finds Will trying to crack the cacoon and he slips. Mack tries helping him up but Will refruses but then gives him the cacoon. Will is helped up and Mack stresses teamwork to him.
Outside, the others find themselves with Flurious and the Chillers. Mack comes to the rescue and they all fight the Chillers. Will joins the battle. Flurious calls the temple to defeat the Rangers, it is like a giant robot. They call their zords and fight.
They then form Drivemax Megazord. They rumble with the monster and shovel the ground from underneath it. They finish it off by aiming the monster's power core with the combination of their weapons.
The monster explodes and Flurious leaves. At headquarters, they show Andrew the cacoon. Andrew asks Will if there were any problems, Mack covers it up by saying they worked as a team.
Will gives Rose the cacoon and they find an ancient scroll. Dax feels gipped, but Andrew clears up that this is the first step to their journey to find the jewels of the Corona Aurora.