Heart of Blue - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Heart of Blue
Airdate: March 12, 2007

Andrew, Mac, Ronnie and Rose open the scroll as Will and Spencer walk in talking about the Hovercraft cycle. They all start debating over what it is until Rose whistles at them and gold it together like a mad magazine fold-in to reveal a sword.
Rose explains to them about the Sword of Neptune, made up of three swords. Meanwhile, Dax is reading a casting call for a dwarf dectective and hears a cry for help from a girl. He fights the monster bugging the damsel and it combusts into blue dust.
The girl introduces herself as Mira and Dax is a mess around her. She says yes to his date proposal. Later everyone reunites at the headquarters and everyone giggles at the notion of Dax's infatuation and he shapes his burger in a heart shape.
Two years ago the Great Manx took the last two scrolls. they all run off, until Mira arrives and Mac tells him to talk to her later. Dax tells them it will take a couple of minutes. He reunites with them late. Will arrives with the two scrolls using his spy skills.
Two security guards retrieve the scrolls and the Great Manx arrives. She takes the scrolls and the Rangers make their fighting stance. She starts laughing and reveals she is really Spencer. He walks off having trouble with his high heals.
The rangers are attacked by the monster who bugged Mira before, he wants the scrolls. They morph and fight him. They are blasted at and Mira arrives, only to be captured by the monster. Dax asks Will for the scrolls and apologizes to his friends as he hands them to the monster.
The monster tosses Mira up in the air and Dax captures her. Back at the mansion, he tells her his friends think he is changing with her. She agrees that she is distracting him and that he is the right guy, it just ain't the right time. Lovestruck, he doesn't give up.
The Rangers fight against the monster once again as Mira meets with Dax once again. He puts a scroll in a box and hands her tickets to a concert. He gets called and leaves. At Flurious' lair, he sends the Chillers to fight the Rangers, even though he doesn't know who sent the monster.
Spencer 'hooks up' Will with the Hovercraft Cycle, which he uses against the Chillers. He bounces on top of a car, damanging it. The chillers make the floor slippery with ice. They shoot at him and he soars up and turns it to hover mode.
He takes care of the Chillers, while Mira takes the scrolls and found by Dax. He asks if he meant anything to her, she says no and reveals her true identity. He lets her go as he is heart broken. Ronnie is getting beaten up, when Will arrives.
Spencer has a heart-to-heart with Dax. He reveals his heart has been broken too, but to rely on his friends. Dax is called again and asks Spencer a favor. It is night, Miratrix tells the Rangers the monster has the power of the first scroll.
Dax arrives and the five shoot at the monster, finishing it off. Miratrix touches her gem, asking help from her master. He makes the monster huge and the Rangers call Drivemax Megazord. Miratrix tries activating the last scroll, but it is picture of Dax.
Spencer arrives and throws the real scroll to the Megazord, which gets powered up. They break up the monster's sword into two scrolls that Spencer catches. The monster is then defeated. Back at the mansion, the gang asks Dax how he figured out.
He said that she was always around when the monster attacked and he never told her about the jewels and she mentioned it. The three scrolls form a sword (with a hole indicating a missing jewel) that points itself in St. Lucia on their map.