Weather or Not - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Weather or Not
Airdate: March 19, 2007

The gang is excited about their trip to St. Lucia. Dax is freaked out a folklore about the island being haunted. Spencer arrives in island gear to report that the Drill Driver is not ready, but he is ready in case. Moltor is fixing a weather machine when Flurious calls, teasing him.
Moltor and his goons attempt to steal a sub-atomic generator from a truck in Australia. Andrew preps the gang when they notice Moltor. They morph and confront the baddies. Mack tries to save the truck driver, but takes a hit for him and the man ends up falling down the cliff.
Will manages to save the man with his Hovercraft Cycle. Mack and the others get beaten by Moltor, who gets away with the generator. The Lava Lizards activate the weather machine and it starts raining on them.
The rangers return to the headquarters and Mack blames himself. Spencer complains about the weather ruining his plants and vegetation. Andrew puts the jewel quest on hold and tells Mack the zord is for him and gives him a heoric pep talk.
Mack tries out the Drill Driver but it is too powerful for him. He is stubborn and thinks maybe his father was right that he shouldn't be a Ranger. Andrew makes him continue. The five face Lava Lizards at an undisclosed location. They get wiped by Moltor and the weather machine.
Moltor fights the five and the Lava Lizards have trouble activating the machine, it malfunctions and then makes the whole place snow. Flurious is watching this and laughs from his lair. The device flies off and Moltor goes after it. The five call their zords.
They track the device but the zords get buried in an avalanche. Mack escapes and rolls on the snow. The five zords fall in a chasm. Andrew and Spencer cheer on from the headquarters. Mack and Moltor fight in the snow. Mack gets up and they exchanged blows.
Mack's weapon is knocked off and Moltor hits him a double blow. Mack flips and manages to hit his foe with his laser. Mack is left alone in the snow. Meanwhile, the Rangers come to but their zords won't budge. Mack returns to the base and is upset and returns his tracker to his father, quiting.
At Moltor's lair, the generator malfunctions on the Lava Lizards, so Moltor destroys them. Flurious teases him through communication. Andrew, Mack, and Spencer see video of the others in their cockpits.
They're not worried, believing Mack will save them. Mack is encouraged by this and takes his tracker back and boards the Drill. The power is too much for him and the zord stops. He tries again and starts drilling into the ground.
He goes through the ice and finds the five zords. It is silent at first, until the four answer him. They were sure he would save them. They get out of the chasm and find the weather 'thing' has become a monster and they form the Megazord. The monster beats them up until the Drill distracts it.
They combine the six and destroy the monster. Moltor is angry at his loss and once again teased by his brother. In the mansion, the five set off to go the island. Will has Dax's lucky marbels and the five fight for it.