At All Cost - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

At All Cost
Airdate: April 02, 2007

The gang doing laps around the estate (with Spencer on a golf cart) and Ronnie gets competitive with Mack, outracing him without her super speed. When they arrive to the main room exhausted and she is playing video games still with energy.
Moltor decides to pick one of his best fighters. The four except Mack play a board game and Ronnie is impatient and uncaring. Rose asks her if winning is the only important thing to her. Mack and Andrew show off the new blaster, that only interests Ronnie.
Mack blasts first and is knocked back. Ronnie tries it and is overpowered by it. Andrew tells them they have a vest to take back the kick but he doesn't have a power source yet. The Rangers arrive to witness Lava Lizards fighting each other.
One wins over them all and is turned into Volcan. Moltor attacks the five. The two leave. Mack tries to stop them but is blasted back by Volcan. Back at his lair, Moltor plans to find another power source. At the mansion, Mack tries to figure out what they were up to.
Andrew tells them they have find a dragon scale. Will believes dragons don't exist. Andrew has purchased a dragon scale from Briarwood. Andrew wants Mack to go first, Ronnie whines and Mack lets her have the turn. Ronnie then wants to play with Mack, but Mack tells her she takes the fun out of fun.
Ronnie asks Spencer the truth and he tells her she is no fun. Two men pack up a truck with the scale and are ambushed by the two lizardmen. The driver cowards, while Volcan grabs the scale and gives it to Moltor. They are then confronted by the Rangers.
Volcan fights all five of them. Ronnie tries fighting him with no luck and is beaten up. Mack fights Volcan and tells the others to fire at his back. Moltor then fights Mack. The two retreat with the scale. At the base, the gang can't find Moltor.
He is in a building, planing to power Volcan up with heat. Ronnie talks to Spencer again, he tells her playing is fun. Winning isn't everything. Spencer ponders a raise, as the Rangers are attacked by Moltor. They all morph and fight.
Mack goes against Moltor, as the other four go inside with Volcan. The Megazord is called and the five are inside. Mack calls the Cement Driver. They mix up gravel and form the Mixer formation to dump cement on the building that is burning.
The cement bubble explodes and Volcan escapes. Dax reveals to them they took the scale before they left. They do the roll call. They fight Volcan, Rose gives Ronnie the scale. Andrew sends her the protector.
She gives the two to Mack. Will is impatient, so Mack puts the Defender Vest on and turns Volcan into stone with the Blaster. The five destroy the monster with the drill mode.
Later, the others arrive to find Ronnie and Mack still playing... fooseball. Mack wins and Ronnie takes it well. Andrew tells Spencer he found the hou-hou bird to continue their journey.