Follow the Ranger - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Follow the Ranger
Airdate: April 30, 2007

Spencer is feeding the fish in the tank, Andrew asks for the Rangers. Mack hides from him. Spencer tells him they have free time. Andrew admits he is still worried about Mack. Mack doesn't like this news. Moltor and his lizards have built two powerful machines.
Flurious, Chillers, and Norg arrive. Flurious offers a truce because Kamdor has the parchment to a jewel. Flurious wants to share the machines. Back at the mansion, Mack climbs a wall. Spencer and him have a talk. Spencer suggests speaking to his father instead of jumping to conclusions.
The Rangers respond to an attack by both brothers and their respective footsoliders. Mack takes on both brothers. Mack calls the Drill Blaster but the two fend off his blast. They call upon one of the machines and they board it.
The Rangers form the Megazord and are beaten up. They call the Drill and Mixer and add to it. The foes hold onto them and they manage to push them back. Dragonizer is called, wielded by Lava Lizards and bring the Rangers down.
They call for Crane and shovel and the machines are disabled. They make the megazord regular again and they are disarmed. Dax suggests giving up. The baddies tie the megazord with chains and zaps them. The four eject at Mack's order.
When they are out, they realize Mack is still inside the megazord as it is hauled away. The brothers and Mack arrive to an island where they hold him hostage. Andrew wants to go on the SHARC, when the other rangers arrive.
They promise to find Mack. They bring Mack into a cave where norg is working on his cage. Norg is given Flurious' staff to guard over Mack. Ronnie leads a pit crew of rangers to fix the zords. Mack and Norg talk, Mack tries to find info on the brothers.
Norg tells him about Moltor's little red sled. Moltor arrives and Mack manipulates him. Flurious arrives and Mack does the same to him, with the info on the sled. The two call their footsoliders and figure out it was all Mack. Mack continues manipulating them.
Norg abadons the staff and leaves to play. The brothers drop Mack's tracker and breaks out of the cage with his super strength. The baddies follow Mack through the island's forest. Mack finds a chasm. He lifts a log to create a bridge over the chasm.
He then kicks the log, taking some footsoilders with it. He morphs and enters the Megazord. The gang happily find his location as he fights the two big machines with the brothers within. The others arrive with the auxiliary zords.
They form the Super Drivemax Megazord and destroy the two machines. Flurious and Moltor escape, somewhere else they break their truce and continue fighting, which bores Norg.
Andrew tells Mack he will never stop worrying about him because he is a parent, not because of Mack's Ranger skills. Mack jokes about worrying about him being embarassing.
  • Footage from two Boukenger episodes were used for this episode.