Lights, Camera, DAX - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Lights, Camera, DAX
Airdate: May 07, 2007

Andrew shows the Transtek Armor to Mack, Rose, Will and Ronny. Dax arrives, super pysched about a part in a movie called "Ninja Rumble." The gang remind him about his mission. Andrew says no. Meanwhile, Moltor summons Scaltek to assist him in finding Kamdor and Miratrix.
Miratrix figures the jewel is in some place hot, Kamdor has an attitude. Back at the mansion, Dax is practicing the material and Rose catches him. She gives him some much needed advice. Rose convinces Dax to defy Hartford and audition for the role just to see if he's good enough.
And to say no if he gets it. The Lava Lizards confront the two ninjas. Dax shows up at the audition, someone gets the part. The director tells Dax he doesn't look like a hero. A light is about to fall on him and Dax saves him, and of course gets the part.
Dax says yes. The gang become aware of the fight for the parchment and Rose lies. Dax gets into wardrobe. Rose sends him the coordinates and he ducks out of the shoot. Everyone reprimands him for taking the part.
Scalex attacks them and they morph. Miratrix and Kamdor head into the cave. Dax tries to follow and Scalex get sin the way. Mack fights Scalex while Dax goes inside the cave. Kamdor performs a tactic that makes a cave-in, Scalex runs in and is buried.
Dax flies out using his Drive Vortex through an opening. Back at the base, Andrew reveals he owns the studio and knew about Dax's actions. Rose sticks up for her friend and apologizes. Andrew wants Dax to figure out what is important on his own.
Dax starts filming the movie and fights the movie ninjas. His tracker calls him in the middle of the battle, but he ignores it. Miratrix and Kamdor stop running. Kamdor says Flurious and Moltor have the advantage because they have footsoliders.
They just happen to be near the shooting. Dax as his character is about to reach a relic and then remembers what Ronny said about saving the world. He stops and quits. Kamdor and Miratrix arrives and everyone runs away.
Kamdor places a spell on the movie ninjas and he creates two monsters. Andrew and the gang become aware of this and Dax arrives. Dax says his career can wait and apologizes to them all. Andrew says the consequence will come later.
The ninja army is attacked by Moltor and his army. Moltor wants revenge for Scalex. The two groups fight. The SHARC takes down Moltor and Kamdor. The Rangers arrive. Both groups go after the heroes. Miratrix and Rose fight.
Moltor takes on Ronnie and drops her down. Dax is overwhelmed at first by the two monsters, but Andrew then sends the Transtek Armor. Dax climbs in and destroys the two monsters. Kamdor and Moltor team-up temporarily against the armor. Dax morphs it to stand.
He takes Moltor down first and then Kamdor. The parchment goes flying and Miratrix guns for it but Dax gets hold of it. As Kamdor exits, the spell breaks from the ninjas. Back at the mansion, Spencer gives Dax and Rose cleaning duty to 27 bathrooms.
  • While footage from one Boukenger episode was used for this episode, three monsters from seperate episodes were utilized.
  • Kamdor's counterpart in Boukenger never had footsoliders, they regularly used 'Chillers.'