Face to Face, Part 1 - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Face to Face, Part 1
Airdate: May 14, 2007

Mack wants Andrew to take a break on working on the Sonic Streaker, Spencer is insulted when Mack offers his dad a sandwhich and then wonders about being a Ranger. Andrew gets Mack psyched about the streaker, so enthused that both he and Spencer eat Andrew's sandwhich.
Meawhile, Norg wants to play but Flurious contacts Moltor about the parchment for the jewel. Back at the mansion, the gang is bored from hearing about the Streaker from Mack. Rose comes with news about a professor that can figure out the parchment.
Dax and Mack tag along to England. In Moltor's lair, the lava lizards bring Tyzonn and assign him to fetch the document. Bullox is sent as backup. In London, the professor is reading the parchment when Tyzonn attacks and takes the document.
The three morph and confront him. Bullock arrives and blasts them. Tyzonn runs off and Mack tackles him. Rose and Dax fight Bullock as Mack follows Tyzonn. They fall down a bridge and battle it out. Tyzonn drops a bag with a broken crystal in it.
Mack and Tyzonn then fight for the map. Mack is left with a piece of the map. Bullox and Tyzonn retreat. Dax spots the crystal piece. The professor is at the mansion is able to figure out the symbols on the parchment piece.
Rose thanks him and he tells them that the university is proud of her. Dax is unable to detect aything on the crystal and Mack wonders why the lizard-guy was so worried about it. Ronnie and Dax aren't that sure. Moltor meets with Tyzonn and Bullox and threatens him to draw the Rangers out.
The Rangers are alerted to a message from Bullox for the parchment. Ronnie presses a secret button to the polls, transforms and goes in the base's elevator to board the Transtek Armor. The Rangers help people up through the destruction Bulllox created.
Ronnie saves a lady from being crushed. Tyzonn tries helping the lady but she screams and Ronnie blasts at him. Bullox asks for the piece. Mack shows them the piece. Tyzonn goes to Mack, Mack powers down and tries to reason with him.
The Rangers wrap rope around Bullox, Tyzonn runs after him. Bullox breaks free and sends Lava Lizards after the Rangers. In the forest, Mack continues running after Tyzonn. Tyzonn blasts at Mack, Mack tackles him and they continue to spar.
Mack tells him he is not his enemy and Tyzonn continues running. They stop near a waterfall and Tyzonn looks at his reflection. He shouts, 'No!' Mack asks him who he is, he says it doesn't matter, because Moltor will eliminate him if he doesn't have the parchment.
Dax destroys the Lava Lizards with the Drill Blaster. Bullox attacks them and they fight. Tyzonn reveals he doesn't know about the parchment. Tyzonn does know about the Corona Aurora though.
Tyzonn leaves Mack and returns to Bullox, asking to stop hurting the rangers. He drops to his knees and quits. Moltor arrives and Tyzonn tells him he won't help him no longer and gets slashed. He bleeds green blood and fights Moltor.
The Rangers try to get involved and are stopped by Bullox. Moltor sends and attack towards Tyzonn and Mack stops it. Mack morphs and fights Moltor. Moltor orders Bullox to destroy Tyzonn and Mack once again saves him.
Mack grabs Tyzonn and they retreat. Moltor and Bullox chase after them. In the forest again, Mack and Tyzonn rest. Mack wraps a bandage over Tyzonn. Tyzonn thanks Mack and they shake hands.
To make amends, they mend the parchment and keep going. The Rangers search for them and find a trail of green blood. Will wonders why Moltor attacks one of his own minions.
Rose thinks the alien will be more dangerous if it is injured. The Rangers want the alien away from Mack. Mack and Tyzonn find themselves with Lava Lizards.