Face to Face, Part 2 - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Face to Face, Part 2
Airdate: May 21, 2007

Mack and Tyzonn fight the Lava Lizards. Tyzonn turns into mercury to duck an attack and re-materializes. He notes that it is interesting that not everythign has changed. Both of them show off. Later, Tyzonn explains he is not a reptile.
Mack shuts down his tracker and shows Tyzonn the broken crystal. The Rangers reunite in the base and Andrew tells him the tracker has been shut down. Andrew and Spencer go into their office, Andrew is worried. Spencer tells him Mack is much like him.
Tyzonn explains the crystal is what he brought back with him from his planet. He came to Earth in a search and stopped by Moltor. Moltor smashed his wrist crystal, fought him, and turned Tyzonn into his current form. He gives him a mirror to show his new form.
Tyzonn knew he would be shunned on Earth, Mack offers his help. A Lava Lizard reports to Moltor. Bullox has a squad of Lavadactyls. Back at the base, Mack returns with Tyzonn. Tyzonn apologizes. Everyone is not sure, except for Andrew, who is fine with it along as the parchment is complete.
Flurious checks on Moltor's progress. They know the Torou Diamond in a mountain. Spencer offers them lemonade. Tyzonn powers the citric acid on the parchment to reveal longitude and latitude to the mountain.
They arrive to find Bullox. They morph and do the roll call. Bullox tries to get Tyzonn back to them as they fight. Bullox brings the six down but Tyzonn fights on and blasts back at Bullox. Mack and Tyzonn double team Bullox.
Three Lavadactyls arrive and blast at them. Bullox tells them to get the diamond. The Sonic Streaker is called and launched to them. Tyzonn and Mack board the new zord and fight off the Lavadactyls, piloted by Lava Lizards. Will calls the Drill Blaster and the four destroy Bullox.
Moltor makes him big with some strange device. Rose calls all the zords. Mack and Tyzonn arrive at the lava containing the diamond. Tyzonn lowers himself to reach it. He successfully retrieves it as Super Drivemax Megazord battles it out with Bullox.
Sonic Streaker comes to the rescue. Andrew and Spencer celebrate and tells them to combine them. They create the Drivemax Ultrazord. They destroy Bullox. Back at the base, Tyzonn hands Andrew the Torou Diamond, which shrinks in size.
He puts it right next to the lucky pearl. The Sentinel Knight arrives and thanks them. He knows about his problem. Dax asks for his help. The Sentinel Knight tells him to use the two jewels.
They return Tyzonn's body to him. He prepares to leave. Andrew offers him to stay and help. Mack gives him Tyzonn his completed crystal.
Mack says they have advanced techonology. Spencer clarifies it was just glue. Tyzonn puts the crystal back in his wriist band, thanks them and exits.
  • Tyzonn's storyline is a combination of certain aspects of three different characters from Boukenger: Akashi, Eiji, and Ragi.