Man of Mercury, Part 2 - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Man of Mercury, Part 2
Airdate: June 04, 2007

The Rangers fly as far as they want on the SHARC. They try to figure out where the jewel is, besides Brazil and Portugal connection. Ronnie comes up with dropping the others in the city in case the Fearcats show up. Norg thinks the Gyros are Christmas ornaments.
He brings Chillers for him at his command and he inserts the Gyros and they turn into snow. Flurious tells Norg to find him something that can take the power. The Fearcats scare people in a city and want to get rid of their competetion by altering their attention.
Ronnie runs in with liquid Tyzonn in the base. Andrew had Spencer bring in a metal stablizer they use to create Zord parts. They decide to use it to stablize his mocular state. It works and return his body once again.
Ronnie could care less and leaves to take care of the Fearcats. Andrew offers Tyzonn to be part of the team again and gives him the Mercury Morpher. Tyzonn remembers his past and rejects once again. The Rangers are fighting the Fearcats and Ronnie arrives.
Andrew knows they need help but Tyzonn is gone. Tyzonn arrives and fights Mig. Benglo beats Mack up. Mack calls for the Drill Blaster and turns Benglo to stone. Benglo breaks through and sends another attack at the five. Tyzonn takes Mig's staff and tosses it to Ronnie.
She uses it against the two Fearcats. She tosses the staff away and the two grow big. the ultrazord is formed and heated up by Benglo. They drop Benglo from a high altitude and destroy the two. The Rangers celebrate at the mansion and congratulate Tyzonn.
He said he thought he would feel better with them gone but he doesn't. Everyone hoped he could be part of his team but he says he must go. Norg brings in the fallen Fearcats. Norg wants them as cat rugs. Flurious inserts the Gyros in them.
And they are revived. Flurious thinks they will be his servants. They playcate him and leave. In the main room, the Rangers in their civilian clothes are told of what happened to Tyzonn. Tyzonn was part of an intergalatic rescue team.
There was a cave-in and his teammates went in to get people. He was told that the Fearcats were going to blast the cave from inside. He thought they were trapped inside. The Fearcats escaped and blasted the cave, trapping his friends inside.
Tyzonn blames himself. He apologizes for not joining them and exits. Ronnie chases after him outside the mansion. He thanks for her kind words when he was liquid, that he could hear her. She tells him that rescuing is in his blood, it is who he is, he can't stop.
She reassures to him that it wasn't his fault. She is then called and runs in the mansion. The five arrive to find the Fearcats back. They blast them and become even more powerful forms. They fight. The Fearcats basically lay them all out. The five regroup and the Fearcats spin up in the air.
They shoot them. Mack boards the Transtek Armor and shoots at the cats but they dodge it. Will calls for the Hovercraft Cycle and they dodge his attack and kick him off. Tyzonn arrives, decked out in an Operation Overdrive jacket and the new Drive Detector.
he slashes them and tosses his weapon in the air. He morphs and catches his Drive Detector. He fights the two, they blast at him and he dodges it, flying in the air. They hide underground and he scopes them with his weapon and blasts at them.
He slashes at them and they leap away. Later, the six walk in a jungle looking for the jewel. They are thanked by the excavators and they give them the statue, that has a jewel signature.
  • In Boukenger, the Gyros inside the 'Chillers' made new armor and then broke into little pieces.