Just Like Me - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Just Like Me
Airdate: June 18, 2007

Flurious berates Norg for sitting on his throne. Norg decides to leave. Meanwhile, Tyzonn wants to be like Will. He tells him to loose the rags and Tyzonn starts stripping. They head off to the rain forest where Lava Lizard gives Moltor a map from Norway that leads to a hammer.
The six fight the Lava Lizards. Moltor slashes them down. Moltor returns to his lair to find Norg and not interested in having him in his army. Norg gives him Chiller stones and Moltor tells him to clean the lair. Rose looks up the hammer, it belongs to Thor.
Will wonders if there is a connection between the mythology cannon and hammer. The others find it funny Tyzonn is Will's shadow. Will is bugged by it, Tyzonn arrives in an outfit like Will, with dreads and all.
They arrive to where Moltor is, Tyzonn imitates Will and he takes off his fake dreads. The six morph and take on the Chillers Moltor releases on them. He heads off with his lizards. Tyzonn takes on the Chillers on his own.
He destroys them and boasts. Will is peeved at Tyzonn, Mack assigns them together. Alone, Ronnie asks Mack why he put them together, he figures working together will work. Norg daydreams of Flurious theatrically missing him and him returning to be on his throne.
Will tells Tyzonn he is freaking him out, when they spot Moltor and his goons. Will calls the others. Tyzonn says he will do the opposite and morphs and confronts the baddies. Chillers are sent after him once again. Will joins in. Moltor leaves. Will gets blasted at.
Tyzonn and Will get together and Tyzonn tells him he can handle them alone. Tyzonn leaves to get Moltor. Will is left with a pile of Chillers. Tyzonn figures where the hammer is. He shoots his OO zip shooter and arrives at the spot. He takes the hammer out and is blasted at by Moltor.
Moltor fights Tyzonn and gets the Hammer. Will arrives and blasts a warning signal out that the others notice. Will busts out on the Hovertek Cycle to block an attack for moltor but he and Tyzonn are de-morphed. Will is knocked off his cycle and covered by a boulder.
Tyzonn tells him to cover his eyes as he will use his mercurian power. He blasts away the boulder. He tells him because he is a Mercurian, rescuing is his life. The Rangers confront the baddies together and perform different attacks with their Drive weapons.
Moltor makes three Lava Lizards big with the hammer. The Ultrazord fights them. They are made even bigger. The Ultrazord flies around them but is knocked down. Tyzonn blasts the hammer off Moltor and makes the Ultrazord big.
They use their full power and destroy two of the lizards, as one dodges the attack. Tyzonn forms the Flashpoint and jumps inside the lizard's belly and destroys it from within. Moltor leaves.
Tyzonn hands Will the hammer, Will tries putting himself in the alien's shoes. Norg is in boxers in Moltor's lair and is kicked out. He mentions the sled Flurious broke. A dapper Tyzonn tries cool moves again.
Tyzonn encounters a cute girl at a shop and she hands him a card with her number. Will commends him for scoring. Tyzonn has modified the style for himself.
Norg returns to Flurious and gets yelled at. At the base, Rose and Ronnie put the hammer and cannon together and when they leave, the two weapons start reacting to each other.