It's Hammer Time - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

It's Hammer Time
Airdate: July 02, 2007

There is a thunder storm outside the mansion and inside, the computer base is in a tizzy because of the two weapons. Rose tries but Ronny fixes it with her strength. Rose connects the Yanomami statue to the face on the planet Mars and where the face is pointing at towards the Earth.
They drive to Mexico and encounter Kamdor and Miratrix. Miratrix tosses a hat and Kamdor makes it a huge monster. The Rangers morph and board the zords. Dax has the cannon and Ronnie has the hammer. The monster takes a snake out of his hat that wraps around the Ultrazord and it dissolves.
The monster reflects Tyzonn's attack from his umberella. Tyzonn takes the Crane and Drill and destroys the monster after it performs an Astro Megazord-like attack. Flurious uses Norg as an antenna to see the battle.
Ronnie stores the relics in their humvee as the others fight Chillers. Thor presents himself to Ronnie and tries to take the Hammer. Thor bows to her, thinking she is Fria, a goddess. He uses the hammer to destroy the Chillers in one blast.
Rose recognizes him as Thor. Thunder clasps. Thor promised Ronnie he would give it back but he remains silent, rubbing the hammer. Meanwhile, the Fearcats ready their robot. Back at the mansion, Thor eats a lot of food Spencer serves him.
Will calls Thor a punk. Thor offers Ronnie to be his bride and puts a huge ring on her finger. She is angry at him and considers herself a fool. Thor says he is a fool for love. Will calls that a lame line. Meanwhile, Rose finds a symbol on a rock in Mexico.
The team uses the cannon but the rock doesn't budge. Rose thinks they need the hammer, Dax relies on Ronnie. Andrew asks Thor his price. When Thor hears about the Corona Aurora, he wants to know where it is. He uses the hammer but it doesn't work.
Ronnie suspects something fishy. Moltor and his lizards arrive and the Rangers morph to fight. Ronnie asks Thor for help and doesn't get it until the real Thor arrives. He jumps down and Moltor leaves. The Rangers power down.
Loki shows his true form. Ronnie threatens him. Loki cowards and distracts them all and runs off with the hammer. Back at the mansion, Ronnie blames herself again. Thor tells them that Loki has been searching for it for years, but sought Fria much more.
Ronnie dresses as Fria in a dress, umbrella, and boat. Loki is touched and proposes. They walk in the gardens. Ronnie tells him she is bond by Thor to work with the mortals and must trade something. Loki offers the hammer but warns her that if she can't break the marriage proposal..
Because she will be forever bond to the oath. She grabs the hammer and gives it to Thor. Thor teleports away. He tries to kiss her and Spencer takes off the mask. He puts cake in his face. The Rangers celebrate having the hammer but are attacked by Flurious and his Chillers.
They morph and fight once again. Loki fights Flurious. The Fearcats land in their new robot and Andrew suggests splitting up. Tyzonn stays with Thor. Drivemax fights the robot, while Thor takes the Chillers down with his hammer.
Flurious retreats. The robot beats the Rangers until Flashpoint arrives. They double-team the robot as Thor watches. The Fearcats toss the Flashpoint towards the other megazord. Thor slashes at the robot with his hammer. The Ultrazord is formed and the two megazords destroy the robot.
The Fearcats retreat. Back in Mexico, the Rangers use the hammer and the cannon together to blast the rock to reveal a talisman. Ronnie returns the hammer to Thor and thanks him. He leaves. Moltor blasts the Rangers and takes the talisman.
  • All four sects of villains appear in this episode for the first time.
  • Footage from two Boukenger episodes were used for this episode.
  • While most of the PROO monsters are based on past Megazords, the Fearcat's robots are based on past series of Super Sentai that were never used for Power Rangers.