One Gets Away - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

One Gets Away
Airdate: July 16, 2007

The Rangers in beach gear follow Rose who is using the compass to find the jewel. She doesn't listen to them as she is waist-deep in water. The Fearcats visit Moltor in his lair with dead lizards and he revives them. It was his plan to lure them in.
He wants to give them invincible armor and hands them a map to it. They leave. Yellow, Black and Blue arrive with a huge blue jewel. Miratrix watches them. The Fearcats readies their new robot. The six dress in their OO jackets and Dax jumps into the truck as the sand is way too hot.
Andrew tells them about the Fearcats. Ronnie thinks about having someone send the jewel back to Andrew, Will offers to do it and encounters Kamdor and Miratrix. He morphs and they battle it out with his cycle. Miratrix punches her sword in the ground.
And Kamdor attacks Will as he is blind-sighted. Will dons the Defender Vest and they fight. Kamdor takes the sapphire and tosses it to Miratrix, they both retreat and Will punches the sand in defeat. The Ultrazord battles it out with the Fearcats' new robot.
Will explains himself in Andrew's office and quits, giving in the morpher. Andrew hands the morpher to Spencer and his only concern is the lost of jewel. Spencer hands the morpher to Will, saying a Ranger is always one. The Fearcats beat down the Ultrazord.
The fearcats are attacked by Tyzonn's zords. The robot retreats and Will morphs and climbs on board the robot. The Fearcats plan to look for the super armor as Will spies on them. He calls the Rangers. Mig falls for a trap Will set up and he takes the map.
Back at the mansion, Andrew in his office doesn't want to hear Spencer's support for Will and Spencer reminds Andrew that he lost the crown and makes him realize what a child he is being by reminding him of his childhood.
Andrew wants to give Will back the tracker, but Spencer catches him up. The Black Ranger blasts solid rock to find the Super Armor and Mig. They fight. Will goes down and he is saved by the others. Benglo arrives with the robot and Mig climbs inside.
They don the armor. Super Drivemax and Flashpoint fight them. the cats call for a sword and bash the good guys. Both go down. Will tells the team to not give up, he lets know about the jewel loss. He believes he failed but the team shouldn't fail.
They all split up into the aux. zords and take the cats from all sides. Tyzonn then takes the Drill and Shovel as arms, while Drivemax takes the Cement driver. The robot tries escaping but falls down. Shovel is then attached and Flashpoint takes the Cement driver.
They go down but Mack catches them with the crane and bring the baddies down. The two robots have the robot but they overfuse. They release the baddies and the bash them down. They grab the armor with the crane and makes it small.
The bad robot is frozen and Tyzonn takes the arms of Drivemax and Drivemax takes the two Rescue Runners. They destroy the robot and the Fearcats eject as always. The two megazords and other robots pose. Back at Moltor's lair, Moltor is disappointed.
Elsewhere, Miratrix marvels at the jewel. Flurious makes a cameo in the episode, to just be upset at his own incompetence and destroys Norg's snowman. Andrew admits his faults and thanks Will for showing what
he is made of and thanks Spencer for being the 'bulldog' he is. Spencer thanks Andrew to hear what he didn't want to hear. Spencer mentions trusting him with his bigger secret.
  • Finally, Spencer snaps Andrew out of his childishness, in the usual Spencer 'special talk' manner of course.