Once a Ranger, Part 1 - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Once a Ranger, Part 1
Airdate: July 23, 2007

Kamdor's monster brings them a priceless ruby from a musuem Miratrix actually likes. The Rangers stop them and they commence fighting. Kamdor and Miratrix retreat. At Flurious' lair, Norg gives Flurious a special box with a message.
The Rangers return the jewel to the museum and the ninjas receive a message much like Flurious'. Kamdor throws it away and they are teleported away. They enter a green-tinted lair, where they see the others sects.
They blame each other but the host presents himself. Like Flurious and Moltor, he was trapped by the Sentinel Knight and he seeks the Corona Aurora. Miratrix has heard of Thrax. Thrax proposes a temporary alliance between the four sects to destroy the Power Rangers.
Back at the mansion, the Rangers say how great it is to be a Ranger. They recieve a message from Thrax and his alliance. He says his son of Lord Zedd and Rita Replusa. The Rangers arrive to where they are and witness Thrax's power. Dax takes on Benglo and Moltor;
Tyzonn versus Miratrix and Chillers; Ronnie against Mig and Chillers; Rose in the Transtek Armor against Kamdor and Lava Lizards; and Will in his cycle against Flurious and Lava Lizards. Rose falls out of the armor, Will falls off his cycle and all of them are beaten.
Thrax asks for their evil energy. The Rangers reunite and the baddies wipe their powers off the whole Universal Morphin Grid. The Sentinel Knight appears and Thrax knows what can destroy him. The knight telports the team to a safer location. The knight leaves, saying the remaining jewels are unprotected.
The gang returns to the base, Andrew is unable to return their powers. They face the reality of not being Rangers. Andrew wants them to keep fighting, especially since they have their genetically enchanced abilities. Mig and Kamdor are at Stonehedge and encounter our team.
Mack lifts the truck over his head to throw to Mig but he stops him. Kamdor blasts down Dax off his ATV and they fight up in the air but he is knocked down. He then takes down Ronnie. Will jumps off his bike and on top of Kamdor. He tosses him to the ground.
Mig and Kamdor plan to finish off the team, whe the ground surrounds vines around Mig. The Green Mystic Force Ranger was responsible. Kamdor is blasted down by the Red SPD Ranger.
Mig breaks through the vine prison and is slashed by the Yellow Dino Ranger. She flies on top of one of the statues. Blue Wind Ranger then slashes Kamdor. Kamdor and mig get together and the ground cracks underneath them, bringing them up.
This crack was caused by the Black Power Ranger's Power Axe. The five gather and the baddies retreat. The five strangers power down. The nine gather. The Sentinel Knight arrives and says he will explain everything.
At the base, Bridge explains in his own way that he is a ranger from the future and that he was promoted when Doggie and Sky were. The Knight explains he restored their powers. To the six, they are shocked to hear these veteran Rangers will replace them.
In the living room, the Rangers seemingly enjoy the down time. Ronnie reads that the new team saved the day on the newspaper. The new team arrives and comment on the command center, that Dr. O would love it.
Adam can't believe Tommy is a doctor. The OO team are bummed and the veterans encourage them, but they remain pouty. Adam arrives in the Hovertek Cycle to blast at Flurious and his Chillers. The others fight the Chillers.
Flurious retreats. Andrew and Adam talk in the base, Adam says Thrax is just as bad as his parents. Andrew reinforced the Morphin Grid so no other's powers can be taken. Flurious complains to Thrax and Thrax brings out his own monster.
Back in Andrew's office, the OO team thank him for everything but tell him he doesn't need them anymore. They talked about it and want to go back to their normal lives. Andrew asks Mack how he feels, he doesn't think there isn't much he can do.
  • Many many fans bring up questions such as why the Sentinel Knight couldn't revive the team's powers if he could revive the veteran Ranger's power and why he picked someone from the future if he could pick other Rangers.
  • I would like to know when exactly did Rita and Zedd have a child and how Sentinel Knight was physical in between 1995 (when Zedd and Rita married) and 2007, if supposedly he was de-powered thousands of years ago.
  • When each veteran ranger appeared, their opening muscial score played, except for Adam. The reason is because the original theme song is copyrighted by Saban and not property of Disney.