One Fine Day - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

One Fine Day
Airdate: August 06, 2007

Rose is reading the theory of physics and finds Tyzonn staring at her. She moves and he sits next to her. He keeps asking her questions about what she ate for breakfast. She regrets not going on a picnic with the others, she thought she was going to be alone.
Mack takes Dax's heavy luggage and reminisces on his camping days with his father. Rose comes after them, saying she needed time away from Tyzonn, as everyone figured. Tyzonn joins them, returning Rose her book.
The six spot Norg, but since Dax never seen him before, he thinks he is Bigfoot and the six follow him. The Fearcats make a forcefield to keep the Rangers away. Andrew wants to call the Rangers but Spencer encourages him not to.
Andrew mentions how two years ago, Mack arrived and they were alone. Tyzonn congrulate Rose for noticing Norg's foot prints disappeared and they bump into a force field Tyzonn is aware of. He is the only one that can go in, he suggests a chain link.
Tyzonn holds Rose's hand and holds Mack, which breaks the chain and leaves the four outside of the portal. The Fearcats figure Tyzonn entered. Rose isn't thrilled to be alone with Tyzonn, especially that he chooses this time to tell them the Fearcats made the forcefield.
Mack suggest using the Sentinel Sword and transforms it into the Knight. He tries to bust through the force field with no result. Inside, Rose and Tyzonn spot Norg in pain. Tyzonn pulls out a large spike out of his foot. Norg thanks the two and is touched by Rose's description of him.
Mig arrives, Norg runs away and the two morph to fight Mig. Rose blasts Mig off Tyzonn and Tyzonn faints. Mig blasts at the two and they fall down. Meanwhile, the knight stops trying to punch down the forefield. Near a waterfall, Tyzonn tends to his wounds.
He tells her that passing through the forefield, he would become weaken. Tyzonn brings up that Rose closes off from people. She admits when she was little, she never felt special and decided to learn everything in world to be special.
She never really felt special. He tells her that he believes when you are born, whatever makes you special is already there and she is special. Benglo finds a torch he has been looking for. They find the seal but are stopped by Mig, they fight him un-morphed.
Tyzonn holds Mig and Rose heads for the seal. She is blasted at and falls. She uses her zip shooter to break the seal. Tyzonn is tossed away by Mig and blasted at. Rose screams out like a crazy person and comes to Tyzonn's aid. Mig laughs.
Rose toughens up and morphs. She fights Mig. She falls down but gets up. She dodges Mig's attacks and jumps down and blasts at him. He rolls down and she goes near him. Suddenly, Benglo arrives in a new robot powered by the torch. He tries stepping on her when Mack comes to the rescue with the sword.
Will blasts at Mig with his cycle. Dax and Ronnie go to Tyzonn's aid. The sword becomes the knight to go to Tyzonn. The Ultrazord is formed and the five board it. The torch activates and blasts at them, Rose goes to full power and the ultrazord overheats.
Rose pushes it to the limit and use their finisher on the robot in the air. The robot explodes and the ultrazord catches the torch. The fearcats blame each other and retreat. Norg does a ritual around Tyzonn with a stick. Mack is about to attack, but Rose stops him. Norg breaks a piece of the stick and the aroma from it awakes Tyzonn.
Norg recognizes Mack and runs off when he realizes they are Rangers. Rose tells Tyzonn what she ate from breakfast in college. Norg returns and Flurious punishes him. The gang returns to the mansion and tell them everything went well. Ronnie gives Andrew and spencer the torch.
  • The clues on Mack's origin pile up: he mentions camping ten years ago, while Andrew says he arrived two years ago; Tyzonn's molecular structure was to pass through the humans but it stopped at Mack.
  • Mack and Norg meeting in "Follow the Ranger" is referenced.
  • Once again like in "Just Like Me," the Earthen Ranger was bothered by Tyzonn's strangeness but he later served them with some harsh truth on how strange they are.