Things Not Said - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Things Not Said
Airdate: September 10, 2007

Mack shows a photo album of camping with his dad twelve years ago to the guys. Dax notes the picture looking photoshopped and Mack swears by it. A worried Spencer overhears this and tells them to go to the base.
Rose is planning to use the power of the Sentinel Knight to enhance zord capablities, it's not meant for humans. Andrew is also decrypting an ancient text for the Star of Isis. The team arrives at a building and Mack thinks it is a trap.
Mack splits from the team. Inside Kamdor and Miratrix are working on a computer. Kamdor creates a monster to stop the Rangers. The monster confronts the five and they morph. Inside, the Red Ranger faces the two ninjas. Miratrix wonders if Kamdor will help her with Mack.
But he tells her she is doing fine and makes his monster grow. Mack lays Miratrix out, but leaves to help the others. Kamdor presses a button, finishing whatever he is up to. The five enter the Battlefleet ship and it is tangled with the monster's wires.
Tyzonn encourages them from outside. Will splits the five zords apart and together they form the Megazord to destroy the monster. Kamdor and Miratrix watch from outside. Kamdor laughs, saying the mission was successful, Miratrix is just plain baffled.
In the elevator on the way to the base, Dax comments on how easy it was to save the day. As they enter, everything suddenly shuts down and they powers up again. Andrew explains they picked up a computer virus but the auxiliary unit kicked in.
Everyone relaxes. Mack doesn't move and is in stuck in a loop of saying 'good thing.' This doesn't worry them until the third time he says it. Everyone is understandably alarmed and Andrew grabs Dax from going to Mack. Later, when the Rangers are gone, Mack comes to.
He asks his father if something happened to him. Andrew and Spencer are alarmed. Mack notices his body is apart from him. Later, Andrew and Spencer have Mack fully assembled. Mack asks for the truth. At Spencer's insistence, Andrew admits he is an android.
Mack is unbelieving and gets up. Spencer backs it up. Mack came online a little over two years ago and all his memories were implanted in him. Andrew wanted him to be normal, he was too busy to find the right woman.
Mack asks him why he didn't make one of those as well and comes close to him and exits abruptly. Meanwhile, Miratrix feels left out and Kamdor tells her that he stoled their decoding of the location of the fourth jewel through the virus.
Mack meets up with his teammates and he decides to tell them the truth until the alarm rings. They set to leave, but Mack tells them he won't be joining them. He tells them he will explain later and they go. Kamdor and Miratrix have an item and the Rangers arrive.
Kamdor creates five monsters to fight them. Miratrix wants the jewel, Kamdor tells her to stay and fight. Will calls his cycle, follows Kamdor and leaps off it to fight Kamdor. One by one the Rangers are beaten by the monsters. Miratrix and the female monster double team Rose.
Dax suggests calling the zords. They don't respond. Kamdor and Will continue fighting, Kamdor decides to knock Will out and go get the jewel. Mack is mopping with the billards, beleiving the Rangers don't need him, that he might break down.
Spencer gives him a hard love pep talk, telling him his actions were not programmed, if they were, Andrew would be able to control him. Spencer admits he loves him. Andrew rushes in, telling Mack to go save them.
Mack gives him the ultimatum that he will use Rose's new technology. Andrew is not for it, but he has no choice. Will stops Miratrix from finishing off his friends and is knocked down. Mack then arrives to save the day. Kamdor retrieves the Star of Isis.
Mack brings out the Excelisor and activates his new armor. He merges with the Sentinel Knight to become the Red Sentinel Ranger. He fights the five monsters and destroys two. He calls for sword mode and avoids the blasts. He destroys the statue monster.
He then slashes the other two. With one left, he blows it away with a tornado attack. Miratrix prepares to retreat and is surrounding by the five. Will thanks Mack. Kamdor arrives with the jewel and blasts them all, Miratrix leaps away.
And she joins Kamdor. The six power down. Before they leave, Ronnie snatches the jewel from them with her super speed. Rose wonders how Mack was able to use her technology since it isn't for humans.
Later at the mansion, the Rangers digest the news. They accept him regardless, Tyzonn relates it to him being an alien. Will calls them brothers. Andrew and Spencer arrive and Will leads the group to safeguard the jewel.
Before Andrew can say anything, Mack brushes by him. Andrew wants to talk, Mack is not in the mood because he has had a long day. Andrew asks about what about tomorrow, Mack cops more well-deserved attitude.
  • Kamdor finds the jewel in what was supposedly the Florida Everglades in the United States. I live near the Everglades, we don't have mountains. The highest point on Florida is flatter than anything displayed in this episode. The grass is much taller and less green and full of insects and animals.
  • Miratrix is starting to feel left out by Kamdor.
  • Some fans were surprised the censors allowed Mack questioning Andrew why he didn't build a woman as well. I think it is good they kept it in.