Red Ranger Unplugged - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Red Ranger Unplugged
Airdate: October 01, 2007

Dax brings Mack a book from his adventure book club and grabs a cupcake. Mack is questioning his likes. Dax thinks Mack has lost his memory, but he must have forgotten Mack is not quite human. Mack believes what he has done is what he was programmed to do.
Dax suggests soul searching. Meanwhile, the Fearcats plan to seek the Octavian Chalice and Mig brings in a female Fearcat, which Flurious detects his energy. Norg comes in sick from playing with a sea lion. Flurious needs him to be strong.
Flurious wants the Fearcats destroyed. Mack tries out being a rock star, which bugs Spencer. Dax is stoked and everyone just supports him. Spencer tells them about a new Fearcat that Tyzonn knows, but Andrew won't hear it.
They arrive and Tyzonn addresses Crazar. He morphs and instantly fights her. She is then hit in the back by the Rangers. She creates clones and they fight them. Crazar blows Tyzonn away. She goes toward him and he blasts her.
She teleports away, taking the clones away. Meanwhile, Mig and Benglo are being followed by Norg and the Chillers. Norg's sneeze alerts the Fearcats. they then fight off the Chillers. Norg cheers on the Chillers, but they loose. Norg retreats. Mig has a plan.
Back at the base, Tyzonn tells his friends more about the cave-in day. He thought Crazar was buried in the cave-in. His girlfriend Vella was buried inside, they were to be married. Andrew and Ronnie apologize. Andrew gets two readings.
Tyzonn goes to Crazar, while the others go after Mig and Benglo. Andrew has a heart-to-heart with Mack. Mack doesn't know who he wants to be. He wants his own life. Andrew wants him to grow and find his own path, but not forget his mission.
He tells him he becoming a Ranger wasn't programmed. Andrew's prejudice comes out and Mack leaves. The four find it strange that the two Fearcats are running. Tyzonn confronts Crazar and she teases him about loosing Vella. Mack arrives to help Tyzonn.
The four are caught in a net trap by the Fearcats that will slowly fall into a hole. Dax gets Will's laser cutter and cuts them out. He takes them out with his zip shooter but Ronnie falls in the hole. Luckily, she ran out of it. Mack and Tyzonn morph.
Tyzonn holds Crazar off as Mack becomes the Red Sentinel Ranger. He blasts her with an extra bash from Tyzonn. She grows huge. Mack calls the others. Mack makes the Knight big and he fights her. Tyzonn powers down and prepares an old Mercurian battle spell to vanish Crazar.
Mack breaks boulders heading for Tyzonn. The Knight blasts her but she throws it toward the two youths. The knight goes down but before Crazar can strike, he becomes a sword again and the Ultrazord arrives.
Mack joins his friends. They lose power, so Mack tries combining the five Aux. zords into the DualDrive Megazord. Tyzonn's spell is ready and with the finisher, Crazar is destroyed, fading away in black smoke.
Tyzonn says it was for Vella. Before Flurious blasts Norg, he tells him about the Octavian Chalice. Spencer shows the team the chalice Mig and Benglo took.
Mack quit being a rock star and plans to read his book and eat cupcakes. Spencer reveals he had ear plugs on. The gang leaves the base and Andrew concerned.
  • This episode leads into the two-parter "Home and Away."
  • Crazar was originally male in the original source.
  • Mack is silly to believe he was programmed to defy his father if his father has objected to him being a Ranger since day one. But yes, Andrew did embrace it eventually.