Home and Away, Part 1 - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Home and Away, Part 1
Airdate: October 08, 2007

In the base, Rose runs in with information on the Octavian Chalice that can use the energy of three relics. She shows them what they are, she initiated a global scan. Tyzonn is very upset and is drived to find the relics. Andrew has Tyzonn stay with Dax to cool
down, while th eothers go after the Minerva Staff. The Fearcats prep their ship. Meanwhile, Norg and Flurious walk in a forest. Flurious breaks out the Minerva Staff out of a tree Norg was using as a butt scratcher. The Rangers attack them and Will
jumps up for the staff but one of the Chillers catch it. They fight. Dax finds the other two relics and Andrew tells the Rangers to split up. Tyzonn offers to go after the Sands of Sila and Andrew lets him. Mack gets called by Dax and sent the coordinates. Mack and
Ronny left Will and Rose with the Chillers. elsewhere, Kamdor and Miratrix find the Sands of Sila in a desert. They aim to use it as a barganning chip. The Mercury Ranger arrive. Miratrix offers to fight him but Kamdor offers to do it, to show the Rangers
he isn't kidding. He hands her the relic. Back with Rose and Will, Will uses his cycle against the Chillers. Kamdor makes toast out of Tyzonn and knocks him down, he rolls down a hill. The Ninjas about to retreat, when Mig steals the relic out of
Miratrix's hands. He knocks the two down and Tyzonn is unconscious. Tyzonn wakes up to a woman's voice. the woman is Vella. Tyzonn is jittery, Vella explains they are in Mercuria and he just had an accident. Tyzonn looks for his morpher and only
gets his wrist bracelet. Elsewhere, a Lava Lizard dives from a volcano and hands Moltor a last relic. Ronny and Mack arrive and fight the Lava Lizards. Mack becomes the Red Sentinel Ranger and goes to sword mode. He finishes off a horde of
Lizards and is powered down by Moltor. Rose and Will continue fighting the Chillers. Flurious squashes Norg's flowers and blasts at the two. Flurious and Norg get away with the staff. Tyzonn tells Vella of his adventures and she tells him it has
only been three days since the cave-in. He is unsure until Vella reminds him they are together. Dax reunites with Mack and Ronny and catches them. Flurious arrives and Benglo steals the staff. He blasts at the three Rangers. Mig then takes the relic from
Moltor. Mig and Benglo have the three relics. Miratrix and Kamdor arrive. The Fearcats make fun of the three sects. They mix the three relics in the Chalice and pour out a liquid that the Rangers avoid. It creates a beast by the name of Agrios. Mig and
Benglo board their ship and attach it to Agrios, controlling it. Will and Rose join their friends. They get blasted at and they then call the Ultrazord. The Rangers go up in the air and try their finisher and it seemingly works but it didn't. Agrios blasts
the Ultrazord twice and powers it down. The other foes revel at it. Andrew watches as the five evacuate. Mack calls the Battlefleet and form the Megazord. Red tosses the Sentenial Sword out and it becomes the Knight. The Knight and
Battlefleet double team them but they knock Knight back into his sword form, severely damaged. The Rangers try their finisher on the Fearcats but they stop it. They toss the Battlefleet in the air and it splits up. The
foes can't believe the Rangers have lost. The Fearcats celebrate and bash the clift where the other villains are at. Later, the Rangers walk through paper. Back with Tyzonn, he believes her and puts back his fantasies.
  • The title "Home and Away" is inspired by the long-running Australian soap opera that started in 1988.