Home and Away, Part 2 - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Home and Away, Part 2
Airdate: October 15, 2007

In the base, Andrew tells Mack it is going to take a while before the zords will be ready. Rose is working on the Sentinel Sword. The others are searching for Tyzonn as his signal is gone. With Vella, Tyzonn can't give up his memories. Vella wants to go on with their engagement.
The Fearcats and Agrios attack again. Mack offers using the Flashpoint, Andrew says he has no training. Mack threatens Mr. Hartford to program him to know how to use it. The Fearcats think it is Tyzonn attacking him, until Mack talks.
The other Rangers return to the base to witness the battle on the screen. Mack avoids an attack and leaps above them. Tyzonn wants to go back to Earth to make sure everything is alright, but Vella is not for it, questioning his trust in her. Her eyes glow yellow without him looking.
Agrios brings the Flashpoint Megazord down. An alert rings in the base, the megazord is being pushed to the limit. They tell Mack to bail but he doesn't and pull out a emergency device. Miratrix and Kamdor watch and the bad brothers arrive.
The warning signs flash but the Megazord heats up and holds onto Agrios. Mack says it is for the Rangers. He is about the press the button when the other Rangers arrive in their regular Drivemax zords. They bring Agrios down.
Spencer almost has the sword fixed and tells Andrew he is trying a multi-dimensional signal to find Tyzonn. Tyzonn wants to be rescuer again, Vella doesn't want it. She wants a profitable job, which doesn't sound like her and then he hears a ringing.
His morpher drops down from her. He is sure his friends are in danger, she takes her true form of Crazar. She replicated Vella, meaning she is still alive. Meanwhile, Dualdrive, Drivemax, and Flashpoint take on Agrios. Tyzonn fights Crazar.
He busts out the dimension and return to the desert, he is back in his OO jacket. He morphs and fights her. He slashes her, she clutches her arm. She brings up he might be able to find Vella if he destroys her. He destroys Crazar for good, saying he will find her.
The three megazords go down, until Tyzonn arrives in the Battlefleet. Andrew sends the Sentinel Sword. Agrios stands up and takes all the finishers from the Megazords. The five rangers enter the Drivemax and climb on top of the Battlefleet.
The sword arrives in the Megazord's hand and they destroy Agrios. The Fearcats take the chalice and retreat. Benglo helps Mig up and Benglo says the Chalice has more than one use. The Rangers confront and fight them. Mig and Tyzonn have a one on one.
Dax dons the Defender Vest against Benglo's attacks. After a long fight, Tyzonn finishes Mig off once and for all. He explodes and his face is seen in the explosion. Mack destroys Benglo.
And with that, all the Fearcats are history. Later in Flurious' lair, he revels in the defeat of the Fearcats. Moltor contacts Flurious, believing he will get the jewels. Flurious wants Moltor to work for him.
Moltor refuses. Meanwhile, Kamdor is tried of failures and wants to make their final move. Back in the mansion, Ronnie asks Tyzonn how does it feel for his mission of the Fearcats to be over. Tyzonn says after they get the jewels, he will search for Vella.
Andrew calls Mack out and thinks he is angry. Mack tells him anger is something androids don't feel and if he doesn't like the way he has been acting, he should upgrade to a newer model and continues calling him 'Mr. Hartford.'
  • The emergency button Mack was going to press on the Flashpoint Megazord originally said 'suicide' on it but it was blurred out.