Way Back When - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Way Back When
Airdate: October 22, 2007

Ronnie and Dax have a 'what came first: the chicken or the egg?' argument when Rose gets five different jewel readings out of the Octavian Chalice. They are confused about who has a jewel and what. Rose whistles to stop them.
Mack volunteers to be plugged into the central computer to use his memory to be play everything that has occurred. The team was gathered, their mission was told, the four morph, Andrew was taken and Mack morphed as the Red Ranger. Later Andrew took the crown out of a safe and Moltor robbed it.
The Rangers then had went to an Altanis Temple and retrieved a cocoon with an ancient scroll inside. Miratrix held it up and opened it up to find a picture of Dax. Spencer arrived to give the Megazord scroll power. Spencer got hold of two scrolls.
The three scrolls form the Sword of Neptune. The sword pointed to the island of St. Lucia, where Dax believed it is haunted pirate treasure. Rose was dressed like a pirate and the gang found the Eye of the Sea pearl. A monster put it in its compartment and became a machine and fought the Shovel.
The eye was put in the sword and doesn't work, but Brownbeard's lucky pearl did work. Mack wakes up, Ronnie recaps that Moltor has the crown. Rose runs to the giant globe and puts a ball in St. Lucia, thinking the jewels' locations are connected.
Mack continues, Andrew showed Spencer the Houhou bird. Miratrix retrieved it from a safe and Will offered an alliance. Spencer explained it was all his plan. Miratrix let go the bird and it came to life. Miratrix discovered she was tricked.
Will went after Kamdor and a monster was destroyed by Mack. The bird dropped a parchment to Miratrix. Dax fought Kamdor with the Transtek armor and blasted Miratrix off, retrieving the parchment. Later, Mack and Tyzonn fought over the parchment.
A piece was torn off. Mack saved Tyzonn. They put the map together and he put lemonade on it, revealing coordinates. Mack and Tyzonn in the Sonic Streaker fought off lavadactyls to get the second jewel, the Torou Diamond out of a volcano.
Tyzonn is turned back to normal. In current time, Dax marvels at Mack. Rose puts a ball on Indonesia. The Fearcats arrived and upgraded. They defeated the Rangers and Tyzonn morphed into the Mercury Ranger. The archaeologists gave a statue to the Rangers.
A robot then came out a mountain with a powerful cannon, which was caught by Tyzonn and he also got the Thor's Hammer. In Mexico, Thor appeared in front of the Rangers. The Rangers attached the hammer to the cannon and bust out an Aztec compass.
The Rangers got a Blue Sapphire out of the ocean and Miratrix took it. Will puts a ball on Mexico. Rose is upset that she doesn't see a pattern. Benglo took out the torch to power his robot, which Rangers destroyed by going full throttle. Andrew found a sarab inside the torch by twisting the end of it.
An Egyptian man told the gang where to go and Dax found it by diving into the desert. They are then followed by insects and end up in a room with the ninjas. They take an ancient tablet. Andrew broke a code in the tablet to find the Star of Isis. Kamdor stole the info and found the fourth jewel.
Mack donned his Battlizer and Ronnie took the jewel from Kamdor. There still doesn't seem to be a pattern. The cats mixed three relics in the chalice to create Agrios. They destroyed Mig and Benglo. Rose is frustrated. Spencer brings sandwiches.
Rose figures out that it is where the jewels first were, not where they found them. The pearl was from Atlanis, Istanbul led them to the diamond, the Yanomami statue was from Portugal and the torch was outside of San Angeles. Rose puts the continents together, making a circle leading to Greece.
  • Of course some of the clips Mack wasn't present for, so how could he have them in his memory?
  • Other than footage, Andrew, the Sentinel Knight and the villains don't appear in this episode. Norg doesn't appear at all.