Two Fallen Foes - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Two Fallen Foes
Airdate: October 29, 2007

The ancient greeks would ask the Octavian Chalice questions during a solar eclipse. You can see the Corona at the time. Rose thinks they can ask the chalice where the last jewel is, Dax wants to know where his key is. 'Luckily' a solar eclipse occurs this afternoon.
Andrew sets up when it will be on a watch he gives Rose. Meanwhile, Norg cleans Flurious' lair as a maid. Flurious is mad at always and tortures poor norg. The Rangers find Kamdor and Miratrix waiting for them in Greece.
Kamdor picks on Will for the Blue Sapphire loss. They morph and fight. Miratrix and Mack fight for the chalice. Mack tosses it to Ronnie. Mack gets knocked down by Kamdor, so Miratrix can fight Ronnie. The fight becomes Will versus Kamdor.
Miratrix breaks the ground under Ronnie with her sword and Ronnie jumps up, eventually the chalice gets in Miratrix's hands. But the Red Sentinel Ranger knocks the chalice out of her hands. Kamdor goes attack Ronnie but Mack stops him.
Kamdor is upset at Miratrix for her failure and knocks her down. They retreats. The six power down. Elsewhere, Kamdor calls her useless and Miratrix vows revenge, saying she will be more powerful and runs off. Ronny places the chalice on the pedestal and everyone puts their hands together.
The eclipse occurs and the rangers put their hands up and the energy channels upwards. Rose asks for the fifth jewel. Miratrix intervenes and grabs onto the chalice, asking for power. She grows huge and for some reason, into an owl-monster.
Mack tells Tyzonn and Ronnie to try to break off the connection, while they battle her with the Battlefleet Megazord. They are badly beaten. The Chalice gives her more power. It has a forcefield so Ronnie and Tyzonn can't get to it. It starts raining.
Miratrix shoots fire at the Megazord, bringing it down. Ronny expects Tyzonn to do all the work. Tyzonn disrupts the energy field in his mercury form and Ronnie quickly jumps in to get the chalice. The owl monster drops to the ground.
The Megazord defeats this form and Miratrix returns to her regular form. The eclipse ends and the chalice glows and becomes a new relic. Kamdor grabs the relic after blasting Tyzonn and Ronnie. Miratrix moans and asks for help. Kamdor tells her that she was part of his plan all along.
Kamdor traps Miratrix in the jewel he was encased in before. Ronny and Tyzonn are shocked. Back in Kamdor's hideout, he puts down the relic. Norg watches, disguised as a rock. Kamdor opens a secret compartment and takes out the Blue Sapphire.
He uses the power to call something from space. He goes outside and calls out the Rangers with the plate. Andrew shows the gang a energy ball heading for the Earth. Will wants to settle his score with Kamdor. Norg does a ninja pose to open the compartment but no luck.
He leans on the rock and it opens, dropping the jewel in his hands. Will faces Kamdor, Kamdor asks if Will cares about the planet. Kamdor shows his 'true' face and they have a quick 'yo mama' rant. Meanwhile the energy heads for the Earth as the Ultrazord is formed.
Their energy matches the bad one, but they overload. Kamdor makes an multiple illusion and strikes Will repeatedly. Will calls for the Hovertek cycle. He later jumps off and Will calls the Drill Blaster and pushes Kamdor back.
The Rangers using the full power of the ultrazord, they send the bad energy packing. Will defeats Kamdor with his Drive Slammer and the Defender Vest. They go racing against each other, Will falls and Kamdor stands, thinking he has won until electricity fizzles, destroying him.
Will returns to the base to be rejoiced for retrieving the plate. Andrew congratulates Mack and he still calls him 'Mr. Hartford.' The gang fears they have to return to Eygpt.
Flurious frets having to find the Sapphire and when he finally gets it, Norg doesn't get the acceptance he desired. The team returns to the same buggy place in Egypt.
Rose opens a secret compartment by putting the plate on an Anubis statue. They find a sealed sarcophagus Will tries opening it but it takes an undefined long period of time. He gives up.
Rose tells them that according to the writing on the wall, they need a key. Moltor has been watching them all this time in his lair and he knows about the key.
  • Miratrix's counterpart Shizuka had a super form, but that monster was already used for "Things Not Said." The original boss of the ninjas in Boukenger, Gekkou was an owl.
  • Gekkou is still seen falling out of the explosion briefly, even though Tyzonn is superimposed over it.
  • This episode uses footage from two episodes of Boukenger, 44 and 46.
  • Octavian Chalice was used in place of the Demon Bird Magic Orb from the original footage.