Nothing to Lose - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Nothing to Lose
Airdate: November 05, 2007

Moltor's lair grows unstable under Flurious' control of the Blue Sapphire. He is enjoying it and considers Moltor his ex-brother. The Rangers head to Japan for the Tri-Dragon Key, which is supposed to have great power. They arrive to Japan following the signal until Moltor arrives with a monster.
The six morph. Tyzonn fights Moltor, while the monster fights the five. Ronnie tries her Drive Claw but he replicates his own and uses it against her. Will uses his Drive Defender and the monster makes his own sword, taking Will down.
Will goes back to him, disobeying the others. Tyzonn and Moltor's fight gets hot and heavy. Will uses his Drive Slammer and the monster recreates it. Luckily, Mack blasts it using his Drill Blaster. Moltor takes Tyzonn down and tries to obtain the key.
The Key flies away by its own accord. Tyzonn, powered down, sees the key borrow itself under the ground and Moltor retreat. Moltor questions his beast elsewhere. The monster uses his tentacles to find the key. The Rangers follow the signal.
Moltor and Magmador arrive at a waterfall. The Rangers arrive and Magmador fights them. Will and Mack go down. Mack doesn't care if he gets hurt. Moltor fights him. Will calls out Magmador, as the other four were loosing. Moltor then blasts at the four.
Will calls the Defender Vest to protect him from Magmador's hit. Magmador takes the vest off him and mack calls it and Magmador calls the replicated version of the Drive Defender. Mack goes down and Will blasts the monster down with his cycle.
Will and Mack powered down, they both tease each other. Magmador grows big and blasts at the two, Mack protects Will but they both fall. Will shakes his head at Mack's actions. Magmador blasts at the other four. Sentinel Knight comes to the rescue.
Mack arrives to fight Moltor. Flashpoint Megazord protects the knight from an attack. Moltor fights Mack, Rose, Ronnie and Dax. The knight destroys Magmador in a blue flame. The key comes towards Moltor, but Will snatches it in time.
Mack then delivers a serious blow to Moltor. Moltor retreats. Back at the mansion, everyone is packing off to Egypt. Dax suggests going to Moltor's volcano to retrieve the crown, everyone gets energized to do so until Spencer forbids them to do so.
Mack, who was listening in from the hall, went to face Moltor. Andrew hears the devastating news that his son is in the unstable volcano. Mack is upset at Moltor for giving away the gift of humanity, which he desires. He morphs and they fight.
The Rangers arrive morphed to the volcano. Everything breaks up around Moltor and Mack. Moltor falls down. The others arrive, Tyzonn blasts Moltor. The Rangers try getting Mack out of there, they manage to escape. SHARC leaves as the volcano explodes.
Moltor arrives to Flurious with Vella. He hands Flurious the crown. He is still hopeful. Flurious pries the crown out of Moltor's hand and have him sit on his throne. Norg hugs Vella. Flurious freezes Moltor and smashes him into pieces.
Andrew scolds Mack in the mansion. Spencer locates the crown in the north. Rose wants to go to Flurious but Andrew sends them to Egypt. Andrew wants to talk to Mack, Mack states he is expendable, if he is destroyed, Andrew can just make another one.
The gang find a small gold medallion in the sarcophagus in Eygpt. They give the coin to Andrew. Andrew tells them to gather everyone upstairs. Flurious puts the Blue Sapphire near the crown and it becomes the real blue jewel. He asks for the other jewels and the mansion appears.
Vella and Norg have a heart-to-heart in her prison. Norg gave Vella fish. Back at the mansion, the Rangers bring the three jewels. Andrew tells them of the mummy has had had for a long time.
It is possible that it could contain the last jewel. He puts the coin on the tomb. Rose puts the jewels near the mummy and they glow and a big impact occurs. The mummy then moves and starts walking.
  • Many fans wonder how Moltor got possession of Vella. One guess could be that the Fearcats gave her to him when they last teamed up.
  • Vella told Norg there could be only one Tyzonn. However in "Behind the Scenes," Tyzonn stated Tyzonn was a common name on Mercuria.