Rain - Power Rangers RPM

Airdate: March 14, 2009

The three Rangers bring Dillon to Dr. K who tells them about the bio suits, that they are covert. Dillon says yellow, red, and blue spandex is not covert.
Dr. K gets testy about it being the fabric being called spandex. Dillon and the three get through a tiff when Dillon does the exam.
A new attack bot is brought out and it will go through the water supply of the cit. Meanwhile, Summer shows Dillon around the city.
She says that once his DNA is attached to the morpher, it is permanent. He is made to care, in the rain as it rains. He agrees to it, with one condition...
Ziggy gets out and all the other criminals are mad and get madder wen they hear about the Rangers. He hugs Flynn. Scott asks why Dillon why he needs him and he says he can make shadow puppets.
Dillon bonds with his morpher and the suit teleports on him. The other three transform. Ziggy eats popcorn and take a picture of them. Ziggy asks what is up with the Spandex.
Ziggy has to scrub the floor as punishment. Dillon has a strange memory that wakes him up, taking him to Ziggy, wanting out of the city.
There is a gate that releases propane gas and he has to escape that the little space of time when there is no fire. Dillon hotwires Scott's car and speeds out.
The monster releases toxic fog in the morning and the Rangers notice Dillon has bolted. The Rangers face Grinders and the monster. The monster disappears.
The rangers run to the harbor as Dillon tries to escape the city. The Rangers are surrounded by Grinders. The monster is big now. Ziggy notices they are in trouble.
Dillon is about to go out and hears this and turns and stops. He comes to the rescue and drives around the Grinders. He flips out and transforms.
Red threatens Black and he tells them to face the monster. The monster and Megazord face off. He busts them through the bridge. Black fights the Grinders.
The Megazord is pinned and somehow they free themselves and they pin the monster. Black finishes off the Grinders while the Megazord finish off the monster.
Ziggy celebrates. Dillon takes off his helmet and says he will be fine. He cuts off communication and marches.
  • In the Go-Onger, Green and Black save the megazord, but since Green is not in this episode, the Megazord magically saves itself and the bridge is tied after the commercial break.