Ranger Red - Power Rangers RPM

Ranger Red
Airdate: April 11, 2009

The episode starts out with Grinders attacking a mother and her baby in a playground. Ziggy and Scott arrive and fight. The baby flies in the air and Scott saves it.
Ziggy is about to fall just a foot down and everyone freaks out and Scott saves him with the baby's stroller. A new bot has been sent down, Ziggy and Scott morph and the others are fighting Grinders elsewhere.
They then morph and meet up, Dr. K sends them coordinates and they stand above where the bot is traveling. Ziggy tries out the new Croc Carrier but Dr. K down-morphs the zord.
By a miscalculation, the zord becomes huge and hits a tower in the city. People run for cover. Scott has to make a choice: go to the tower to help people or confront the bot that is burrowing underground.
In a flashback, Scott is in a aviator simulation and later his brother Marcus had to make a choice for his team and his dad wanted it on his desk in a red envelope pronto.
They were then attacked by Venjix and Scott had to learn hard. So Scott makes a decision and they go to save the people from the tower. The bot escapes in the process.
Back at the base, Ziggy says that he and Dr. K are both sleepy and must sleep, Dr. K is too busy to do so and admits she has made one mistake before. Later, Dr. K explains they need a overthruster core reactor.
Dr. K says only Scott knows where they can find one. In a flashback, Marcus tells his crew that they need to transfer the core and he doesn't know what it is but he knows what it can do so they must do it.
Scott asks about the exist plan and then the place shakes. Scott's dad tells Scott to stay out of his brother's way and it is an order. Back in current time, Scott says he doesn't take orders from him anymore.
Scott needs the coordinates and his dad is sure he will be caught by Venjix. He wants to go alone and his dad is against it. He says that Marcus knows too that he is not ready for 'this kinda thing.'.
Scott steals the CD with the info. Alarm blares in the base. The Rangers find out that Scott has left 2 hours ago from the dome city to get what they need, Dillon wants to go after him.
Dr. K tells them if they do, Venjix will find out. She plays for them the last transmission of the Eagle squadron. Scott was in air and Marcus was hit. Scott was then hit as well.
Scott's plane was dropped down and he was alone in the desert and Summer came for him, they met for the first time. She took him on his motorbike to go to the dome city.
Scott gets what they need and destroys a Grinder and finds the red envelope. A bunch of Grinders are destroyed by Scott's dad. He is brought to the city by his father and army crew.
Scott gives the overthruster to his dad to give to Dr. K. His dad scolds him for going and saying if Marcus was here... Scott clarifies that Marcus would have done it himself.
Scott morphs and fights the baddies. The trio destroy the bot with their three-weapon blaster and he grows huge. Dr. K has the overthruster. Black and Green call for the Croc Carrier.
combine their zords with the Croc Carrier to create the ValveMax Megazord. They destroy the monster. Scott's dad and the other officer find Dr. K sleeping.
Truman gives Hicks the CD and asks him to do it right this time. He then finds the red envelope on his desk and finds out that Marcus had recommended Scott.