Ranger Yellow, Part 1
Airdate: April 18, 2009

The Rangers and Dr. K are asked questions by children, many of the questions anger and confuse Dr. K. One question makes Summer remember a traumatic event.
It happens to be that Summer was a spoiled and rich girl that liked motorbikes, karate, and playing her surprise birthday party. Back in real time, there is an attack.
The male Rangers fight a speaker attack bot and the Grinders. They then morph and are deafened. Dr. K finds its weakness. Summer jumps off her bike and the bike hits the bot.
She morphs and throws energy towards him to disable him. The Rangers destroy him with their two blasters and he grows huge and they fight with the High Octane Megazord.
They are knocked down and saved by Dillon and his zord. They combine zords and their energy bullet busts through the bot's soundwave and destroys him. The Megazord blows the smoke from his gun.
The children cheer. The Rangers return to the Garage to find Summer's rich parents, thinking the boys are her 'help' and not the Power Rangers. Summer and Dillon want to kick them out when Summer arrives.
Summer thinks back to her birthday party, which her parents did not attend but brought their heirloom black diamond to. Her 'perfect' party was all for them, not her. She cries in her room when Venjix attacks.
Her shallow friend breaks the news to her. Summer calls her butler Andrews but it seems all the servants have left. She grabs the diamond and they flee. Back in real time, Tenaya sneaks into a safe.
She gets the diamond which Venjix needs for his new Lens bot. Summer stresses to her parents that there are more important things and locks them out from the lab. It seems the Boom Bot was a decoy.
Dr. K tells them of the bank vault break-in. The Rangers race off. Summer tries but her parents try to stop her. She tells them she can take care of herself, her mother asks that since when.
Summer and her 'friends' were in the desert and looking for a ride to safety. One truck had no room for Summer and she wanted to climb aboard but her supposed friend pushed her off.
She tried chasing after them but got in the crossfire of Drones. In current time, Summer knows her responsibilities and goes to help her friends. The men fight Tenaya in the meantime.
Tenaya disables the Rangers of their weapons. Summer arrives and gets Tenaya tired and then morphs. She gets another blaster and Teanaya gets hold of it and Yellow gets another blaster.
They get in a gun fight and then Yellow has Tenaya cornered. But Tenaya's hand has another blaster and it is pointing at Yellow. Yellow notices Tenaya's hand is gone and ducks from the shot and it hits Tenaya.
Summer shoots the blaster out of the loose hand and then Tenaya. Tenaya opens up the case thinking it has the diamond in it but it is empty. She retreats and the five regroup.
Back at the base, Summer's parents want her to do what they say. Dillon gets mad, Scott calms her down. Summer reveals she promised them she would get married.
  • Thank you to the producers to have a two-parter for the female Ranger.