Ranger Yellow, Part 2 - Power Rangers RPM

Ranger Yellow, Part 2
Airdate: April 25, 2009

The boys are fighting the Grinders and they are talking behind Summer's back about the arrangement she made with her parents to marry into a rich family.
Yellow arrives, saying there will be no wedding and fights. The four boys morph, Blue and Green try to convince her to get married and Black and Red are not for it.
Black asks Yellow something that brings her into another flashback, Summer was attacked by a blast and all her dollars fell. Andrews came to the rescue..
in an ice cream truck. Back in the present, Tenaya gets an upgrade from Venjix. Summer meets her parents and meets her new groom Chaz.
Summer's friend who abandoned her is there too. It just happens to be her rehearsal lunch. Summer catches the ball that they were playing with.
Back at the garage, her parents reveal they are now broke and need the money from Chaz's rich family. They will give her the diamond at the wedding.
Her father wants to know what happened. In the flashback, Andrews and Summer are on foot because the truck is broken. Summer says she doesn't even know his first name even though he practically raised her through her whole life.
She decides to walk instead of laying on his poor old back. Andrews says he is waiting to see who she really is, he says he is happy to wait. The Grinders attack them and Summer fights them the best she can at that time and stops them.
Andrews can't move, she pleads to him to move. She tells him he still hasn't seen who she is. He says he will be waiting and watching and then dies.
She then finally reached Corinth and reunited with her parents. In the present, everyone prepares for the wedding in the garage, especially Tenaya who is disguised.
Summer's annoying friend annoys Dr. K and we find out that she was raised in an organization. Dillon is still against the wedding, Scott tells him to back off because it is a family thing.
They get into each other's faces. Summer tells them to finish the dance at the reception, they stop. Summer notices something through the security cameras and asks Dr. K to pick a gown.
The bride comes in and Mr. Langsdown walks her down the aisle. Her father mentions the 'old summer' and Scott talks about the 'new one.'
In a flashback, Summer hears Scott's mayday call and hops on a bike with medic jumpsuit, against her parents' wishes and goes to save Scott.
Back in present time, Tenaya gets the diamond and the Grinders attack. Tenaya takes off the veil and it is revealed it is Dr. K. Summer attacks Tenaya.
Saying no catrer would put the cake next to an oil bin. The Rangers fight the baddies. The Lens Bot takes the power of the diamond and becomes huge.
Summer leads the morph as her parents look proud. The boys scramble for their morphers. The two megazords are formed and fight Lens Bot and destroy it.
Tenaya confront Dr. K. Dr. K takes out a violin and blasts Tenaya with a big blast of sound. Later, Suummer's parents are proud of her and defend her from Chaz's parents.
Chaz's mom asks how are they going to survive without money and Summer's mom says it is called having a job.
She tosses the bouqet and Summer's annoying ex-friend goes for it and lands on the cake, disappointing poor old Flynn.
  • Andrews counts as the second death in this season.
  • I didn't like that 'friend' either.
  • The groom is not dressed as a mountie, I think his outfit is supposed to emmulate British royalty.