Ranger Blue
Airdate: May 02, 2009

Dr. K lets the five Rangers ask her questions about the suits, vehicles and gear, they are timid at first but they all raise their hands and ask about the eyes of the zords..
The explosions after they morph and screaming out the morphing call. Dr. K mentions comic books and it sparks Flynn off in a flashback.
To when he was a kid in school and he tried to save a little girl and got himself beaten up. He then got scolded by his dad that there are no such things as real superheroes.
In the present, all three generals are with the attackbot attack. The Rangers arrive and fight the Grinders. They then morph and Ziggy mentions the run-off explosion behind him.
The Attackbot then becomes big and Tenaya says they are 'too late.' Tenaya and Blue fight and she says who everyone is (bad boy, leader, clown, girl, etc.), so who is he? He shouts that he is SCOTTISH!
Black uses his shield to protect Blue and then fights Tenaya. Blue tries to use his time-freeze power but there is a malfunction--- a reversal and he is frozen in place.
He flashbacks to when he graduated high school and is asked by his dad what he will do. He becomes a police officer and tries arresting someone but he is the mayor's son.
And told not to arrest him, he does so and is dismissed. He becomes a fire fighter and is told he is doing water damage and he wants to save lives instead. He is dismissed once again. He is then a peace-corp.
The gang is escaping because of a raid and he wants to stay but they don't care. Flynn does a Braveheart impersonation with tennis rackets with the local people to go and fight. He was yet again dismissed.
He returned to his father, thinking he was right and then Venjix attacked. In current time, the baddies leave and the glitch releases Flynn. Dr. K tells Flynn about the glitch, as he says he is still a mechanic.
Series Blue was plagued and now is off-line, which Flynn can't handle. Back to the day he and his father entered Corinth, the mother from the first episode gets no help to save her daughter.
Back in real time, Scott and Summer come with what Venjix wanted. The monster sucked up power from one fault line. Black and Green are in front of the giant bot at his next spot and form ValveMax Megazord.
Back to the flashback, Flynn runs into the bus to save the little girl. His dad tells him no but he says it is just who he is.
People go into the bus and Flynn fights the Grinders through the fog to get the girl. Then he brings them to safety.
His dad seems to scold him but it turns out that he is proud and he had a superhero right in front of him. In reality, Doctor K is then shocked to find out Flynn is gone.
Flynn arrives and fights the Grinders. And explains his not-layman term plan to K. He morphs and sets off a huge explosion to bust out the baddies.
K is shocked. Blue fights the Grinders. They then form the High Octane. And they destroy the monster. Dr. K asks Flynn who taught him to a mechanic.
Later, Flynn brings groceries to his dad, who is sleeping with a scrapbook of all of Flynn's heroics and Flynn puts a blanket on him.
  • And Flynn outdoing K was priceless!
  • The episode also answers questions fans might have had.